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Solar Garden Lights - 8 Set. Beautiful Brushed Stainless Steel. Easy NO Wires Install. Transform Your Garden Path Yard & Driveway. All Weather, Stylish Design & 1 Foot Tall!

  • SIMPLE AND QUICK INSTALLATION! Installed in less than a minute out of the box! Push the stake into the lawn and they will come on automatically at dusk and turn off automatically at dawn!
  • SAVE ENERGY! Uses the sun's energy to solar charge during the day saving electricity costs and being environmentally friendly. Your solar powered lights will remain on for up to EIGHT HOURS with a full charge and sometimes even longer using the latest LED technology!
  • STUNNING BRUSHED STAINLESS STEEL DESIGN & TWICE AS BRIGHT! Illuminate your pathway and outdoor landscape to look amazing by night and elegant by day with this premium finish!
  • WEATHER PROOF AND LONG LASTING! Designed to withstand rain, snow and sun. Containing premium LEDs with a 20,000 hours life which keep on going with the included rechargeable batteries!
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Enjoy these for up to a full year absolutely RISK FREE. We are so confident you will love your GardenBliss lighting, if you are not completely satisfied we will give you your money back. Enjoy this risk free purchase today by clicking the orange Add to Cart button on this page!

**Do you want dependable, easy to install, twice as bright solar lights to make your outdoor spaces look stunning - whatever the weather?!** Whether you want to light up your pathway, garden or flowerbeds we know **you want and deserve the best** Buy the GardenBliss Solar Garden Lights for **PREMIUM QUALITY** \- the **BEST** Solar Garden Lights out in the market from the **Solar Lighting Experts** **TRANSFORM YOUR GARDEN AND PATHWAY WITH THE BEST!** \- Everything you need in the box with no wiring needed - super easy & quick installation \- Sealed & robust - dependable whatever the weather \- Twice as bright & great coverage with 8 lights - stunning & safe illuminated pathways \- Stylish design & luxurious metal finishes - beautifies your outdoor spaces by day as well as night! \- 8 and 12 inch height option for every light - tailor to blend in perfectly with your garden \- Automatically charges by day using the sun's energy - save energy costs & help the environment \- High density polycrystalline solar panels & NiMH rechargeable batteries - premium quality **AMAZING COLORS & FINISHES** \- Brushed Stainless Steel \- Brushed Antique Bronze Metal \- Brushed Brass Metal \- Satin Black Chrome Metal **We know our products are the Best Quality and so if you have any product issues - we're very happy to provide a refund or a replacement with no questions asked! ** View Details

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