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CVC Flameless Candle Set with Timers - Battery-Operated White Candles - 1.75" Votives with Individual 6-Hour Timers - Boxed Set of 6

  • ♩ BE SAFE from FIRES started by out of control candle flames: PROTECT your home, family and pets from candle fires and still have candle lighting!
  • ♬ Each candle comes with a replaceable CR-2032 battery and can be turned on and off or use the 6-hour automatic timer.
  • ♬♩ REALISTIC, SWEET, CHARMING, CUTE and just the right size: can be used as LED tealights or votives, alone or in holders, sconces, chandeliers, lanterns.... You deserve the BEST flameless candle design available today!
  • ♩♩ ROMANCE, LOVE and ambiance without fire, smoke, soot, asthma.
  • ♬♬ LIGHT UP EVERYWHERE: home (bookshelves, mantels, enclosed cases), travel (hotel room and bathroom), church, rituals, ceremonies, parties, restaurants, events.... These candles will NOT MELT or get HOT. QUANTITY DISCOUNT below: Great gifts for family, mom, sis, aunt, grandmother, friend, neighbor.

**The Best Flameless, Flickering Fragrance-free Replaceable Battery Votive Candles with 6-hour Timers, LightYour World!** **Enjoy Calming Candlelight without smoke, smell, fire and melted wax!** \- Do you love candles, but worry about your children, pets, plants or home being burned? \- Do you hate the smell, mess, fragrance, smoke, soot? \- Have you ever been burnt by or spilled hot candle wax? \- Do you want to have an outdoor party with candles, but worry that wind or moisture would put out candles? **Calming Votive Candles provide the pleasant experience and ambiance of real candles without the problems and bother** \- Our customers remark on the tranquility, romance and peacefulness they feel when using our candles -Our manufacturer has been making electronic light products for clients all over the world **Looking at what is available in replaceable battery candles and you will see these are the best, most realistic votive LED candles you can buy** \- Individual 6-hour timers provide a perfect length of time: not too short and not too long \- These are **safe:** you cannot get burned by flame or hot wax. Small children cannot put this size candle into their mouth or open the battery compartment latch \- Can be used in **rituals and ceremonies** \- Are used by **restaurants and caterers** for events, parties, weddings for decorating, table settings, favors \- Can be used as **nightlights** and in your **emergency or earthquake survival kit** There are a limited number of sets available: click the yellow **Add to Cart** to get your candles now! View Details

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