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Submersible LED Lights cr2032 Battery Powered Underwater Waterproof LED Tea Light Candles for Events Wedding Centerpieces Vase Floral Xmas Holidays Home Decor Lighting(Pack of 10) (White)

  • 【WHITE COLOR SUBMERSIBLE LED LIGHTS】 : Set of 10 White color Submersible LED Lights, Diffuse LED Lighting, Bright but not harmful for eyes
  • 【LED TEA LIGHTS】: small LED lights(1.13inch diameter, 1inch tall) fit and work in the smallest to large vases for centerpieces decoration.Great for many occasions. Use for the weddings, parties,events centerpieces and flower arrangments.
  • 【BATTERIES INCLUDED】: Each light installed 2pcs CR2032 Batteries(Replaceable). Last over 48hours constantly .The bright but diffuse LED Bulb can offer enough brightness. but never hurt eyes.
  • 【WATERPROOF LED TEA LIGHT】 : 100% waterproof design, submersible in liquid.these are the most popular and best wedding decorations for centerpiece tea light decorations
  • 【UNDERWATE CANDLE LIGHT】 :Simple Twist On-Off,1" tall and 1 1/4" across , When it comes to decorating with these simple, elegant lights, the options are endless. There are tons of ways you can use these lights. You can put them in candle bags, pop them in a flower vases as wedding centerpieces, or even place them in your pond or pool, the list goes on! As they are completely waterproof they can go where no other LED light dares to go

**Welcome to Kitosun Submersible LED Lights Family** We can offer **11** different colors lighting to match your different theme party decorations. Party/Event Illumination (flower arrangement, table settings, ice sculptures, crystal vases, etc.) Holiday Accent Lighting (swimming pool, pond, ice bucket, fountain, waterfall, etc.) Home Accent Lighting (indicator light, night light, novelty light) **SAFE For KIDS, PETS, SENIORS** No Flames, No Smoke, No Melted Wax. These LED tea light can be used without having to worry of flame,absolutely no fire hazards or burning risks, safe for families with pet(s) or young child(ren). **COOL AND ROMANTIC.** Water submersible led lights are ideal for decorations,It can be used as mood lights night lights with votive holders or other holders like glass cups. You can use these led tea lights to light your dinner, providing a romantic atmosphere and spending a unforgetable night with your loved one. **Product Features:** * Material:Clear ABS, Never broken when shipping or using * Unit Dimension:30*30*25mm (1.18"DX1"H) * Shape:Classical Round * Power Sources:2*CR2032 batteries(replaceable &Installed;) * Battery life:Up to 48 hours * Voltage:DC6V * Switch: twist on/off * Function:Steady on * Features:submersible,flameless,high safety. **How to use:** 1.Take the insulating strip off the light 2.To activate these lights simply twist the plastic light case closed to form a seal and activate your light.Twist in the opposite direction to turn off. **Package included:** 10 X LED Submersible lights 24 X CR2032 Standard batteries (Each 2pcs installed in the lights) **Remark:** When You replace the batteries. Pls make sure that, the positive side (+) should towards down. If you want to pause the light, Pls twist loose the connect of batteries. View Details

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