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Real Wax Flameless Candles With Timer, Set of 6, Battery Operated Amber Yellow Flickering Small Unscented Votive Christmas Wedding Holiday Party Decorative Tealights

  • Set of 6 LED amber yellow flickering real wax flameless candles with timer, battery operated. 6 hrs on, 18 hrs off, cycling after turning on the switch.
  • Diameter 5 cm + height 3 cm, fits for most candle holders or cups.
  • Using one single CR2032 replaceable button cell (battery included & installed), estimated to last 72 hrs of lighting time, over 12 days cycling.
  • Flameless and smoke-free, absolutely no fire hazards or burning risks, safe for families with young child(ren) or pet(s).
  • Ideal for accent decorations for holiday celebrations, wedding ceremonies, special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, memorial services, church gatherings, DIY projects and etc. Wind-proof for both indoors and outdoors use, at homes, restaurants, churches, schools, backyards, sports venues and etc.

**LifeGenius** battery operated flameless candles are made of high quality materials. They come with batteries included and can keep lighting for a long time. They can be used as decor for many occasions and places, and can add an atmospheric ambience to any place. 1\. Safe for usage in any setting or occasion because these flameless LED candles doesn't have an open flame and it doesn't heat up during usage. 2\. These electronic?candles can also be given away as gifts or party favors. They are easily portable and can be used for a long period of time without having to change the battery. 3\. The flameless candles can make you feel the ambience of an actual candle flame without any hazard or hassles. 4\. Very easy to use, these fake candles can be turned on and off by the flick of a switch, then the lights will be 6 hrs on, 18 hrs off, cycling. 5\. Batteries are included in this product. The batteries are CR2032 lithium batteries that will last over 72 hrs of lighting time, over 12 days cycling. **Specification:** 1\. Material: LED + wax. 2\. Size: diameter 5 cm + height 3 cm. 3\. Battery: CR2032 button cell. 4\. Light color: amber yellow. 5\. Appearance color: ivory tint. 6\. Package include: 6 candles. View Details

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