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Moonrays 91129 Solar Powered LED Globe String Lights, Black

  • VINTAGE FEEL: Embrace a nostalgic feeling for your party or outdoor space. Plastic globe lighting covers and warm white LED bulbs combine with other decorations for a variety of looks.
  • VERSATILE: The cord features a 6.5-foot lead, so you can place your lights without worrying about the location of the attached solar panel. Attach them to an umbrella, your home's eaves or a fence.
  • ECOLOGICALLY FRIENDLY: Harness the power of the sun to light your evening. An included reusable battery recharges during the day and provides 8 hours of light fully charged.
  • STAY SAFE: Keep your walkways and gathering areas illuminated at night to prevent trips and falls. The plastic globes themselves are safer than glass, and the LED bulbs operate at low temperatures.

Enjoy 10 lights per 15.42 feet of cord, including the lead. The lamps are 11.8 inches apart for about 9 feet of lit length. Don't worry about timers: these string lights come on automatically as night falls. View Details

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