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Moonrays 91102 Plug-in LED Globe String Lights, Clear

  • Plastic globes - nostalgic in feel, these plastic globes are a safe alternative to glass bulbs
  • 10 plastic globes with warm white leds
  • Wall outlet adaptor included
  • 15.42-foot total length, 11.8 inches between globes and 6.5 feet between adapter and first light
  • Comes with a limited 1-year warranty

The Moonrays 91102 plug-in led globe string lights are designed to illuminate your outdoor walkways, dining areas and decks, all while adding extra safety and security to your home. Made of durable plastic, the string light set has a wall outlet adapter which allows you to connect up to 3 led string set together (30 bulbs) end to end. The led string lights provide a warm white light from the 10 leds on the string, allowing you to highlight your deck railing, posts or stairs. The led bulb will never need to be replaced and will remain cool to the touch at all times, providing safe lighting that will not burn or heat-up. With no wiring required, installation, long-term energy savings and becoming eco-friendly has never been easier! the Moonrays 91102 plug-in led globe string lights are designed to save energy and money, adding light to backyards and parties while enhancing the beauty of your residence. Let Moonrays help make your outdoor settings as livable, enjoyable and charming as any room in your home. The Moonrays 91102 plug-in led globe string lights come with a 1-year limited warranty, provided to the original purchaser, which protects this product from manufacturing defects in material, assembly and workmanship. View Details

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