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LEONLITE Wire Connectors for Low Voltage Landscape Lighting, UL Listed Cable Connector, Landscape Wire Splice Connector, Connector Tools & Accessories, 3 Years Warranty, Pack of 6

  • Reliable Assurance: UL-listed for its excellent quality and safety, this connector is great for use with outdoor lighting fixtures
  • High Compatibility: The wire gauges of compatible the light cords are 20AWG and 18AWG, SPT-1W or SPT-2W, and the power cords are 12/14/16/18 AWG, providing you with more choices
  • Convenient Design: Thanks to the locked-in fastener design, this connector is simple and convenient to operate and save you installation time
  • Wide Application: This corrosion resistant connector allows separate cables to join to the same power-pack, perfect for the installation of multiple landscape lights
  • Quality Service: This product is backed by our 3-year warranty that provides you with extra protection and guarantees your satisfaction 100%

**High Compatibility and Wide Application** This wire connector is compatible with any 12/14/16/18 AWG, SPT-2W or SPT-1W main power wires. Thanks to its ingenious design of locked-in fastener and piercing wire, this UL-listed connector is easy to use and makes connecting your lighting systems safe and simple. **Please Pay Attention to Installation** 1\. When putting the power cord through the connector make sure the power cord attaches both metal needles and then insert metal needles into the conductor . 2\. If you need to remove the wires from the lighting fixture and reconnect it to the connector, then please insert the wires into the bottom of the jack through its center, making sure that the metal needles in the jack penetrate the wire insulation to reach the conductor. **Note** PLEASE turn OFF the power at the fuse box or circuit breaker before you begin installation. **Warranty** This product comes with a 3-year warranty for your rights and benefits as a customer, satisfaction guaranteed. **Specifications** Wire gauge of light cord: 18/20AWG Wire gauge of main power cord: 12/14/16/18 AWG View Details

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