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TaoTronics TT-SL002 Christmas Outdoor Light Holiday Decorations, Class Ⅲ-A Laser Projector with Japan Sharp Chip More Durable Quality, IP65 Waterproof, FDA Approved

  • Beautiful Color red and Green, rotating/solid/flashing modes, help creates a perfect atmosphere. Class Ⅲ-a laser light, wavelength data red light: 0.698 mw; Green light: 0.665 mw. FCC FDA approved
  • Through temperatures ranging from -14.8 °F / -26 °C to 77 °F / 25°C, the laser's colored light remains strong for consistent use during extreme weather conditions
  • 4 handy interval timers: choose between 2, 4, 6, and 8 hour timed interval modes - the laser will work for that set interval before restarting the next day at the same time
  • Memory function: the light will resume the mode from the last use and restart the timer countdown, so you can always keep your favorite mode without resetting again
  • Wide sweeping coverage: lights a gigantic 4900 square foot range to set the mood at festivals and celebrations

Light outside and add a splash of color to your space with the TaoTronics TT- SL002 outdoor laser light. Featuring festive favorite red and Green colors, choose from 9 unique lighting combinations for the light that suits you best. Not everyone has the same tastes, so for further customizability, the laser light can cycle across three different modes – rotating, flashing, and solid. Ip65 waterproof outdoor laser light outdoor environments and the weather can affect weaker laser lights and hinder their performance. As an outdoor and weatherproof laser light with an Ip65 rating, the light works perfectly no matter if it snows, rains or the sun shines overhead. That means you can deploy the laser light in temperatures ranging from -14.8 °F/-26 °c to 77 °F/25 °c and the light and colors will remain strong. 4 handy interval timers when using the laser light normally, it will turn off after 6 hours of use. However, for those using the powerful light during celebrations, the light can turn on and off at set intervals. You can choose between 2, 4, 6, or 8 hour periods and have the light operate, before shutting down and then automatically restarting again at the same time the next day. Must-have memory mode if you have found a lighting mode you like the best or one that matches your environment, you won’t ever forget it. Thanks to a handy memory mode, the last setting used will be saved, while the automatic 6-hour shutdown timer will reset itself. Now you can enjoy the light you like the best without the hassle of selecting the right mode each time. Huge 4900 square foot range for use in open spaces like backyards, parks, and other outdoor places, the powerful laser light shines brightly across an impressive 4900 square foot range. Create a bit of Magic and complement festivals and parties with mood-setting outdoor laser light. What’s in the box: 1 x TaoTronics outdoor laser light (model: TT-SL002) 1 x 110V/220V power transformer 1 x support post 1 x user guide. View Details

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