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Brass Tacks MyGo2Shop Mason Jar Tiki Torch Kit, Includes 4 Long Life Wicks, 4 Lids 4 Caps- Just add Mason Jars & Fuel Outdoor Lighting

  • PERFECT MOOD LIGHTING: Perfect for mood lighting for your Patio, Garden, Tiki Bar, Beach, or any other Outdoor Lighting.
  • EASY DIY: This kit includes everything you need to EASILY turn a common Mason Jar into the perfect Tiki Torch.
  • KIT INCLUDES: 4 Tiki Torch Lids that Fit Standard Mason Jars, 4 Long Lasting Wicks, 4 Extinguishing Caps with Chains
  • STANDARD SIZE: The included Lids will fit any Standard Size Mason Jar.
  • NOTE: Mason Jar & Tiki Torch Fuel Sold Seperately

**Instruction Guide to Easily Create the Perfect Tiki Torch:** · Kit works with Regular Mason Jar (Purchase separately) · Wrap the chain connected to the cap around the neck of the mason jar to secure · Put the wick into the mason jar lid until it touches the bottom of the mason jar · Cut the wick to 1/4 to 1/2 inch above the lid to be able to light · Pour Tiki Torch Fuel into Mason Jar (fill to almost full) * Light your Torch and Enjoy your mood lighting! **DIY Tiki Torch Kit is perfect for:** * Special Events * Wedding * Parties * Your Backyard Patio or Garden * Bar * Beach * Or just for a fun DIY project! View Details

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