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LIDORE Pineapple Lantern String Lights Best for Indoor/Outdoor Decoration Set of 10 Warm White Mini Light.

  • LIDORE Metal Pineapple Shaped Lanterns String Lights includes 10 light shells which are metal construction. The light through the shells illuminate a beautiful shadow. Each one contains 1 incandescent mini light. Bronze Color. Green Wire and Green Cord. Warm White Light.
  • Total length is 7.85 feet. 23.6 inches lead cord. Bulb spacing is 7.2 inches.5.9 inches tail cord.
  • Power source is 110~120V. End to End Connection. We provide 2 spare bulbs and 1 fuses. If the light isn't working, you can check and find the broken one. Then you can use the spare part for replacement.
  • Easy way to create "Antique theme" anywhere. The charming lights make around more beautiful at night and adds perfect and cozy atmosphere to your place. Surely brings you romantic feel. Your home decoration will become alive when you add the light wires on forgotten corners of your home.
  • Great for party or patio celebration occasions. You will be able to benefit of their light fairy effect on holiday, celebrations, to enhance the windows, awnings, deck, balcony, tables, and ceilings. Traditional Holidays like Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's, Mardi Gras, custom parties, fourth of July, cannot be without the strings lights. In addition, you also can use for decoration of special feel cafe/ tavern/ restaurant/bar and so on.

Benefits of String Lights String lights, in contrast, can be simply unwound or otherwise detached from their surface to be quickly moved. String lights are also fun because they call attention to the light bulbs themselves. String lights are front and center, as if delighting the viewer is a high priority. That makes string lighting slightly more fun and carefree. How to Use Outdoor String Lights Patio string lights have become very popular over the past decade, festooning across outdoor areas in this apparent renaissance of bohemian design. If you want to transform your patio into a more relaxing zone perfect for a glass of wine on a summer night (or a cup of cocoa in the winter), patio string lights are a great option. Commercial string lights and globe string lights are popular for use for the patio, and the two most popular applications are wrapping and hanging. In combination, wrapped and hung outdoor string lights give a cohesive look and very even lighting. No other type of light fixture can be so easily strung around its environment of deck railings, posts, arbors, and trees. Holiday String Lights During the holiday season, string lights get to see a lot of action. From the garlands on the mantle, to the tree inside, to the bushes and branches outside, string lights become part of the family. You may have family traditions that determine where and how these lights will be displayed. Or you might be on the hunt for new DIY holiday light projects that involve string lights. The point is that they can be used in many different ways during the holidays. View Details

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