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CINOTON Solar Lights,Path Dancing Flame Lighting Waterproof Dusk to Dawn Flickering Outdoor Waterproof Fence Garden Wall Lights (2 Pack)

  • Realistic Eye-catching Flames: Add an unique touch to your decoration with these flickering natural flames. They will grab your attention and highlight with dynamic shadows and orange tones those parts you choose. Don't limit yourself to the garden, use them in your backyard, pool, terrace or any other outdoor space.
  • Gentle Warm Glowing: This solar light has a selection of warm LEDs which supplies a soft and comfortable feeling like what you would expect from a real flame. It's designed to add value to the atmosphere discreetly.
  • Dusk to Dawn: Just install it and forget about it. It has an auto ON/OFF function which goes on at dusk and off at dawn.
  • Waterproof Design: Ready for hard weather conditions, with a rate protection of IP65 this light will keep working even in rainy days. It has an additional charge USB port so it can be charge if there is no sun in many consecutive days.
  • Product Guarantee: Flickering flame light is covered by a 100% CINOTON satisfaction guarantee and an extended one-year CINOTON Warranty. For any unexpected issues, please feel free to get in touch for trouble-free return or money back.

Flickering Flames wall Lights will emit warm yellow colored light, which can help create a pleasant ambiance for you enjoying.What more important, the distinct dancing flames design is appealing, and it looks like the real flames, which will bring you unique aesthetic feeling. 🌻ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Solar panel: 0.55W 17% efficiency Lumen: 60 lm Li-ion battery: 2000mAh LED: 40LED MD 2835 LED span life: 50,000Hrs Solar charging time: 8Hrs Size: 5.94*3.93*2 In Lighting mode: light control + Dim warm light Li-ion battery span life: 500 circles Solar panel span life: more than 5 years Protect function: over charging, over discharging, over cur rent, short circuit 🌻OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. Before you use, press the button on the bottom of the lamp, the lamp will be powered on. 2. Charging Via solar panel: Please install unit facing the south and make sure the solar panel can get the good sunlight directly without any shelter or glass. 3. USB Recharging: It can be charged with USB port , and full charged need 4 hours, we can use it in outdoor and indoor. 4. Lighting mode: Light control + warm light: It is automatically turn on warm light. When in darkness or at night, no motion sensor, please note. 🌻HOW TO INSTALL 1. Please only install this light in places with enough direct sunlight to charge the light during daytime. 2. Drill a hole on proper position. 3. Insert the expansion pillar-hinge into the hole. 4. Fix the Hanging wall panel on the wall with screws. 5. Then hang the lamp to corresponding hooks and push down. 🌻PACKAGE INCLUDE 2 × Solar wall light 2 × Pillar-hinge 2 × Screw 1 × Micro USB cable 1 × User manual View Details

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