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5 Chinese Medicinal Herbs Everyone Should Know

Herbal medicines are in use for long.  Survival of the early human beings was dependent on knowledge of their surroundings. Direct interaction with nature on daily basis thought them about plants and their specific qualities — what plants were toxic, what possessed strength and which of them had specific healing qualities.  Among various cultures, Chinese were the one who bought forward their knowledge of plants and their medicinal qualities forward. They have long been in use of herbs and plants in medicinal purpose before chemically compounded medicines had came in anyone’s mind.

Chinese medicinal herbs are used together in a formula or alone to provide terrific results. Many of these herbs can easily be found in supermarkets or nearby store. You may also grow a few of them (not all) in your vertical herb garden in your kitchen.

5 Chinese Medicinal Herbs

Here are my tips on Chinese medicinal herbs that you may keep in your kitchen cabinet ready to use them when needed.



We use it as seasoning for backed food, but it has been used as Chinese botanical medicine since ages. It is used to heal problem related to menstrual function. You may also use it to prevent common cold and nasal congestion. Cinnamon or Gui Zhi invigorates the blood and thus it is often advised for circulatory disorders, including, palpitations, numbness, chest pains and arthritis. You can use it as spice in you cooking or make your own cinnamon tea but pregnant women should use it with caution.


Medicinal uses of ginger are not limited to Chinese culture only. It has been there in various cultures and centuries. It is anti-inflammatory, digestive aid helpful in many ailments. Ginger or Sheng Jiang is suggested for morning sickness, pain relief, nausea, heartburn, cold, cough and headache. Women who are trying to get pregnant should drink ginger tea daily. Ginger is so spicy, so start with small quantity and adjust for more, slowly.

Goji Berry

They are small fruits and are available in all seasons. Goji Berry or Gou Qi Zi have high fibers and are highly antioxidant. In Chinese medicine it is used to strengthen your immune, improve liver functionality, boost sperm production and to improve vision. Its popularity has increased in recent times and so its availability. Goji are eaten raw or dried or added to soup in Chinese traditional medicine.


It is one of the most widely used Chinese medicinal herbs. Astragalus or Huang qi, which means yellow leader is deservedly popular, not only in China but in America and European countries as well, because of its medicinal qualities. It prevents cold, flu and various allergies, stimulates immune system and fights with bacteria and viruses but work best as long term preventive measure. You can boil it into tea or add to chicken stock.



The last one is not the least in any sense. Ginseng is considered the king of all traditional Chinese herbs and has been in use for thousands of years. The herb is used specifically for medicinal purposes. It works wonders help body to adapt to stress and anxiety. Different variety of Ginseng has different properties. Never consider all its type the same; you need to be extra careful while choosing Ginseng for yourself. You can purchase in raw, liquid, or in capsules form.