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5 Common Mistakes New Herb Gardeners Make

Herb Gardening is a wise decision, but only when you are aware how to do it. There are many considerations that should be kept in mind when seeking how to grow herbs. Though, some people might think that the gardening of herbs is quite an overwhelming task, certainly it is, but it is vital that gardener should know when to plant herb garden in order to avoid any kind of problem. However, many times the gardener makes small mistakes, resulting in spell disaster and chore for the plants. Let us discuss the 5 common mistakes new herb gardeners make

Poor Quality Plants

Sometimes new gardener buys plants that seem cheaper as compared to others. These herbs look sparse, sick and wilted, so before buying plants, make sure do not compromise on the quality. Choose herbs that look healthy, plenty of foliage and bright. Moreover, you will not get good results from poor quality plants as they are unable to provide the healthy herbs.

Planting In Wrong Space

Herb plantation should be only done in a place that receive sufficient amount of air and sunlight. Though plantation should not be done in the area getting direct sun rays as this could result weakening and paling of the herbs. Even if you do not have such area, then you can grow herbs in some pot or container and put it at some areas that offers good amount of sun light.

Spraying Chemicals

Herbs are used in the food items and if you spray chemicals on them, then it can affect the health of those who had the food items in which those herbs were used. By avoiding chemical sprays you are giving a healthy treat to your family and loved ones.

Paying Proper Attention On Every Aspect Essential For Herb Gardening

The requirements of herbs growing are quite a few such as sufficient amount of sun light, fertilizers and water. If any one of these is missing, then it can affect the overall health of your plants.

Use Tired Soil Without Nutrients

Using tired soil without nutrients for growing can also affect the growth of herbs naturally. Herbs are used in cooking, so it is important that whatever ingredients you are using in growing herbs should be fresh and good for the overall health of the herbs.


Utilizing small spaces of your garden/lawn for gardening herb is very intelligent decision.  But for healthy herbs production using good materials such as seeds, soil, pots or container (if not growing directly in the lawn/garden) is very imperative. Moreover, you must make sure that they are getting sufficient amount of sun, water and other nutrients, which is the key of a successful herb gardening.