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5 Herbs to Lower Blood Pressure

Apart from medications, there are many herbs to lower blood pressure in an effective and efficient way. Today, maximum individuals are suffering from blood pressure problems due to their hectic life and anxiety. High blood pressure can be a big reason of numerous factors such as alcohol, smoking, and lack of physical activities and intake of fatty acid. The high blood pressure is a big reason of damaging blood vessels and life threatening conditions such as cardiac arrest and heart problems.

So to avoid these conditions it is imperative to adapt the natural treatments such as herbs instead of medications. Here are the herbs to overcome the blood pressure problem.

Herbs to Lower Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure


Lavender works like a vasodilator by means of relaxing and expanding the arteries, thereby triggering the blood pressure to lower. Lavender oil can be applied on the entire body.By simply massaging the body with lavender oil, you may dramatically lower blood stress up to 50%. You can also use the leaves of lavender and flowers and use it in making tea. This is also quite beneficial for treating upset stomach and insomnia as well.

Passion Flower

Passionflower is most effective in bringing down blood pressure mainly because it reduces anxiety and stress, which tend to be factors that can directly cause an elevation in our blood pressure. It really is used as a natural asleep aid for those having fits of sleeplessness.

Holy Basil

Holy Basil has numerous actions on the heart as it promotes good circulation and acts as a blood thinner. If you take this herb daily, it can lower your blood pressure by helping optimize the levels of cholesterol.


By consuming this herb daily, you will feel stress elimination and over all relaxation. Moreover, this will also decrease blood pressure of those experiencing hypertension. This herb is a natural tranquilizer that helps in lowers blood pressure and relaxing muscles.


The fifth herb to lower blood pressure is Oregano. This herb reduces your heart rate and also systolic and diastolic blood pressure. This is also a good alternative to salt in your foods, which is completely sodium free. Individuals suffering from high blood pressure must take 1,500 mg of Oregano per day.

Natural treatment is very efficient in every ways. Moreover, there are no such side effects that can cause harm to your health. Blood pressure is really a serious problem that needs high considerations and treatment. Since ages, herbs had been proved to be the best and safest treatment options of many health problems. No matter if you are seeking herbs for blood pressure or herbs to stop smoking; you will get satisfaction if you take proper herbal treatment.