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7 Herbs to Stop Smoking

Many of us never heard about the herbs to stop smoking. Apart from pills, and sprays many herbs are useful to quit smoking. As we all know that smoking is addictive and it is very difficult to overcome this addiction. It can also cause many health problems including stroke, heart attack, heart disease and cancers. So there are many natural herbs that can be used to leave this addiction. Here are 7 of these herbs

Herbs to Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

  1. Lobelia: this herb is also known as Asthma weed, which is also used to cure asthma, alleviates panic, tension and food poisoning. This herb is quite famous to quit smoking because it resonate tobacco like incinerating, pungent and flavor that creating a soothing effect in the body. It also helps to lessen the urge of smoking.
  2. Tipton’s Weed: another effective herb is Tipon’s weed, which is also known as St. John’s Wort and Klamath weed. It is helpful in treating mild depression and will provide an optimistic state of mind which is helpful for lessen the starving of smoking.
  3. Mimosa Tea: This shrub is found in tropical countries and it acts like a pain reliever from the headache caused due to smoking starvation and keeps you calm as well. This herb is purchased in a form of tea only and helpful to quit smoking as well.
  4. Cinnamon Bark: this is a very popular herb used in Chinese herbal formulas to quit smoking. It is used mainly in herbal aroma inhalers and herbal cigarettes as a smoking stop aide. Moreover, this is safe and can be used in food as an ingredient.
  5. Peppermint: This is one the most effective herbs to stop smoking. This has non-toxic properties and in Chinese formula it is the main ingredient. It is also helpful to treat common cold and headache due to hot weather.
  6. Argemone Mexicana: Grown in Mexico, this herb is flowery poppy plant of bright yellow color. Grows in wild open and sunny places, you can use this herb by drinking as a tea to stop smoking.
  7. Ginger root: Another most effective herb to stop smoking is ginger root. This rate helps in relieving nausea and digestion that is produces by nicotine withdrawal.

Herbs fpr Addictions and Ailments

Herbs are quite effective for treating many ailments. There are ample varieties of herbs that can be quite helpful but it is wise to consult a physician. Moreover, you can check out the details of the herb on the internet. Herbs are certainly, a natural thing and play a vital role in getting rid of many addictions and ailments. Also, herb for arthritis pain can be quite helpful for you to overcome this problem in an effective way.