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Advantages of a Vertical Herb Garden

Making a vertical herb garden design will not only give you and your whole family an unlimited supply of clean and fresh herbs all year round, vertical herb garden design have still a lot more to offer, when it comes to benefits and advantages. For those people who are planning on making their own vertical herb garden design at home, and do not have any experience with gardening, you do not have to worry. Making a vertical herb garden is not as complicated as you think, in fact, it is very simple and easy to do, just as long as you have all the necessary equipments and materials.

Advantages of Vertical Herb Garden Design

Vertical Herb Garden Design

Aside from the fact that making a vertical herb garden at home is simple and easy to do just by following these simple steps in making a vertical garden, there are still a lot of advantages when it comes to vertical herb garden design, which includes:

  1. Vertical Herb Gardens do not require big spaces. You will just need to have an empty wall that where you can hang your vertical herb garden. This type of herb garden design can be perfect for apartments or condominiums, which have no garden spaces for gardening.
  2. There are actually a lot of different herbs that can easily thrive and grow healthily in a vertical herb garden.Herbs can easily thrive in a vertical herb garden just as long as all the herbs are receiving enough sunlight, water, and care.
  3. In a vertical herb garden design, small beds are only needed. Smaller beds only mean that you do not have a lot of maintenance to do. Just as long the root system of your herbs, which are typically small, can fit in the soil bed, then it is already okay.
  4. You can make your vertical herb garden using recycled materials, such as shoe organizers and rain gutters as a vertical herb garden. You do not have to buy new stuffs that can cost you money if you have things you can recycle at home.
  5. One of the most common problems of gardeners is pest infestation. When you have a vertical herb garden, you can easily see and monitor all your herbs for any pest infestation. Aside from easier monitoring, pests that can infest your vertical herb garden are not as destructive as the pests from the ground. Your herbs can be healthier and cleaner when you plant them in a vertical herb garden.