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Advice On How To Make A French Herb Garden Design

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The trend of herb garden design is shadowing over people of all countries. There are immeasurable designs that people follow for their herb garden. In such herb garden design, French herb garden design has a great appeal. The main cause that makes it an appealing design is the French people who have a distinctive style which is applicable to everything including gardening style, herbs and delicacies. So, if you are interested in a French herb garden design, then definitely you should be familiar with French style. If you have ever tasted French food, you must know different flavor of food and spices. The way of growing those herbs and spices is very distinctive and it is definitely possible to attain with a French herb garden.

How French Herb Garden Design Enhance Kitchen

As per French Chefs, the secret of French food is the usage of purely natural French herbs and thus, it increases the taste of food as well. Preparing food with these herbs definitely makes food more delicious and hygienic. In addition to adding up better taste, having a herb’s pots around your kitchen makes the environment healthier and pleasant which is also a key factor of French tradition. Thus, if you are fan of French food, then here is the secret of your delicacies. So, give it a try and make your kitchen more impressive and healthier than ever.

Consider Various Factors To Design French Herb Garden

French Herb Garden Design Layout

If you want to design your own herb garden based on French tradition; then you must consider some undeniable factors for sure.  These factors include choice of herbs which you want to plan in your herb garden design, the temperature that plants require for its proper growth, soil type, amount of sun shine and proper location. However the choice of various plants is all up to you, but if you want to copy the traditional French herb garden design, then you can choose basil, thyme, tarragon, rosemary, lavender, chives, chervil, parsley and marjoram. The garden should be planted at a place where it can get sunlight around six- eight hours daily. Always ensure that soil must drain properly because it is must for constant growth of plants.

Right Way Of Planting Various Herbs In Herb Garden Design

Well, a French herb garden design is such a great that you can plant it easily by digging down the soil around 8 inches in ground by adding peat moss and compost. It can also be planted in light soil over raised beds. The plants like Rosemary, Basil and Summer Savory can shrivel in winter with frost; however other plants are perennials, so they get back in next season. So, with a precise knowledge you can enjoy healthy herbs in your French herb garden.

How To Make An Impressive French Herb Garden Design

Using elements of natural vintage like marble, stones or wood is a traditional way which can be seen in most of the French kitchens. So, if you want to give an ideal French look to your French herb garden design, then you have this option to apply. Keep some furniture made of wood in your herb garden design or use small size pots that will definitely look good and will add beauty and health in your family.