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Container Herb Garden Design

Herb Garden Design for Limited Spaces

If you are planning of making an herb garden design, but you only have a small limited space in your yard, you can still make an herb garden out of your small limited space. You can still grow herbs in a container herb garden design, which can save up and maximize spaces available. Containers for herbs can be pots, planters, and or containers. Making your own herb garden design, whether you have a big space or limited space, can really bring health benefits for you and your whole family, since fresh herbs have a lot of therapeutic effects and can be used in different ways.

Reasons for Making a Container Herb Garden Design

Container Herb Garden

Aside from having a limited space for your herb garden design, there are other different reasons why some people want to make a container herb garden design, such as:

  • Opting for a more regulated environment for growing special herbs. Since pots or other types of containers can easily be moved during extreme changes in the weather, which can affect the growth of special herbs.
  • To have an easy access to your herbs with cooking purposes, planting herbs on pots or containers and placing them near the kitchen can be beneficial. Remember, if you are planting herbs that can grow tall and big, plant them on larger pots.
  • Adding more detail and accent to walls and entries can also be a reason for making a container herb garden design. It is like hitting two birds with one stone, since your house will look better, while having a direct access of fresh herbs every single day. Just choose pots or containers that will blend with its environment and with the colors of the herbs you are going to plant.
  • There is no direct access for an open soil area. Planting herbs on pots and containers can still allow anyone to grow their own herb garden without an open soil area.

Three Best Cooking Herbs for Your Container Herb Garden Design

  1. Mint – this is a type of herb that easily spreads through cross pollination. When you plant mint on containers, you can easily control your mint from cross pollinating. Mint has a very strong aroma and taste that can enhance flavor in any of your recipes or even your beverages.
  2. Sage – this type of herb can be a perfect addition to your container herb garden design, since it can offer a lot of cooking benefits. However, sage can grow fast that may require a lot of pinching and cutting to prevent it to become woody. Planting sage on a container can help in keeping the herb from becoming woody too soon.
  3. Basil is a type of herb that wants to have plenty of water to keep its stems and leaves’ integrity. Planting basil on a container can make watering the basil just right, and it can get plenty of airflow as well.

Container herb garden design can make herb gardening easier and it can be rewarding if you are successful in maintaining your container herb garden design.