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Creative Garden Containers

It’s time to experiment something new in your herb garden design by using your creative ideas and give yourself a few original and ostentatious planters. To grow herbs in beautiful containers is really fascinating hobby but what if you don’t have money to buy those heavy-priced containers? Well, no need to worry; you can create your own containers with just about anything. It takes only a little time and your imagination to build creative garden containers. Add a bit of splashing bright color and a touch of your creativity to create stunning containers which will leave a great impression on your family and friends.

Use Your Creative Ideas

Containers packed with perennials and annuals can attract everyone’s focus where you want it. You can use them in any place of your interest such as:

  • On the front entry of your home or at in the kitchen countertop.
  • As a beautiful centerpiece on the table outdoor
  • Along with the big plants in the garden
  • Simply hanging them from the porch

No matter where you place them, these pots will create an important role to beautify your home. Do not stick to the regular terra-cotta pots instead the fun part if choosing and utilizing unusual containers. Your inspiration is the key to make a pot out of any object that you use in everyday life from broken cups to unused tires.

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Container gardening is really dynamic in nature and you can just change its appearance whenever and however you want it. Well, how about a movable herb garden? Yes, you can plant herbs in a small old chair. If you have an extra or an old chair in your home, bring it to life by planting herbs on it. All you need to do is create a simple container and put it in the middle of the chair. Add some colorful herbs and later as the herbs start to grow, you can notice an old chair overflowing with bright flowers. You can keep the chair at the welcoming porch or take it anywhere you want it to be placed in your home.

Small Old Chair

You can create creative garden containers from almost anything such as:

  • Used boots
  • Baskets made from wicker or bamboo
  • Wine corks
  • Old wooden crates or boxes
  • Old bicycle
  • Old bird cages
  • Pans
  • Soda cans

They Aren’t Prohibitively Expensive

These decorative containers offer you to use a lot of creativity and insight to grow wide variety of herbs. While you grow in containers you can vary the watering regime, control the soil, adjust the timing for sun and shade, group and ungroup the plants for better impact and at the same time make a sculptural statement inside or out of your home. Almost anything can be used to create containers. The best thing about them is that you can add different colors to them and decorate it in any way you want it. The most important is that you are not paying anything.