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Designing A Victorian Herb Garden

Design Your Herb Garden Victorian Style

Herb garden design is among a few hobbies out there that not only give pleasure of persuasion but also a pleasure of watching and eating. Whenever an herb garden is mentioned an immediate vision of the Victorian kitchen garden or herb garden comes to the mind. But it would be very rare to find something that remotely resembles that speculative vision of that Victorian era these days. Today, you are more likely to see an herb garden on the windowsill, in the backyard or even on the patio outside. You can choose over multiple designs for your herb garden. However, I am quiet fascinated by the Victorian herb garden design.

Victorian Herb Garden Design Brought Some Drama To The Conventional Design

The Victorian herb garden came into light in mid or late 1800s. The time brought a new passion of gardening. Victorian had no interest in growing herbs in great quantity they were more interested in making it an ornamental piece of work. Beautiful fencing, garden d├ęcor items, statues were included to the conventional herb garden design to give it a Victorian touch. It was more pomp and show than growing herbs with medicinal value. They loved the herbs with fragrance and that possess ornamental value rather than growing herbs that they can be used in their kitchen.

Victorian Herb Garden Design

Why Victorian Herb Garden Design?

Victorian herb gardens were the choice of the upper class who had abundance of time to spend in there garden. Designers had to bring the decor found inside the Victorian houses outdoor into the herb gardens. This is the reason the herb garden design at that time was very particular and had a lot of elements that shows off. To give your herb garden a Victorian touch you can incorporate the ornamental fencing into your garden theme. Wrought iron fencing depict the original Victorian era, however, you can use picket fence or decorative wood as a less expensive options. You need to brighten up them a little bit to fit perfectly with overall Victorian theme of your herb garden design.

Victorian Herb Garden Design Elements

You may also add more charm with train flowering vines growing profusely along the fence or planting shrubbery along the fence. Like the fencing there are so many elements that you can use in your herb garden design to make it more Victorian design. Victorian herb garden design does not restrict it to planting herbs only but you may use fragrant flowers and trees for shade. Decorate the open space with decorative vases, use patio furniture to bring the coziness and comfort found in an indoor living to the outdoor garden. There must be some spectator area and lot of comfort that could show the lavishness of Victorian time in a perfect Victorian herb garden design. Make the best outdoor herb garden design by using various elements of the Victorian herb garden design ideas.