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Designing an Herb Garden

A lot of people these days are doing their own herb garden design for their garden. Herbs do not need to have their own garden for them to grow and thrive. They can easily survive in pots, even indoors, when they can just get enough natural sunlight, oxygen, water, and space. However, there will come a time that you want to grow herbs in larger quantities, or you want to plant lots of different kinds of herbs, and may need a larger space. When you are planning in making your herb garden design, you have to keep in mind that herbs easily spread, since they are very rampant. You have to think thoroughly on how you want your herb garden design would be, to lessen maintenance and effort in keeping all herbs healthy and alive.

Choosing a  Place for Your Herb Garden Design

All plants and living things require natural sunlight to survive. That is why, picking a spot in your garden for your herb garden design that natural sunlight can reach will be beneficial in keeping your herbs alive and healthy. Another important thing that can make your herb garden design beneficial is, as much as possible, choose a spot nearest to the kitchen, if your herbs are generally used for cooking. However, if you do not plan on using those herbs for cooking, then kitchen proximity of your herb garden will not be an issue.

Herb Garden Design Idea

Right Size for Your Herb Garden Design

There is no specific size for any herb garden design. The size of your garden will greatly depend on how much herbs you are planning to plant. If you are planning on planting lots of herbs, then make sure that each herb will have enough space from each other. If you are planning your herb garden design to be used by herbs for culinary purposes only, then you would not need large spaces, since most herbs useful for culinary purposes do not grow tall and big enough to occupy large spaces.

Conclusion When Making Your Herb Garden Design

Before thinking on how you want your herb garden design to look like, you will have to know how many herbs you want to plant and do a little research on how tall and big it can possibly grow. Doing which can help you plan the right spot and size for your herb garden design that can accommodate all your herbs.