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Environmental Benefits of a Vertical Herb Garden Design

Vertical herb garden design is a type of an herb garden design that is space efficient and can accommodate plenty of herbs without occupying too much space. Vertical herb gardens can even make any plain wall or even ugly wall look better, by covering it up, and exposing fresh herbs will be seen by anyone who walks by your house. Aside from making any wall look better, space efficient, and can accommodate plenty of herbs even with a very small space, having a vertical herb garden design also have environmental benefits too. If you are planning on making an herb garden at home, why not consider making a vertical herb garden design?

Environmental Benefits of Vertical Herb Garden Design

Vertical Herb Garden Design

  • Water Conservation – one of the biggest environmental benefits of a vertical herb garden design is that it can help in managing or conserving water. For people who do not have any idea why a vertical herb garden can conserve water, vertical herb garden uses a drip irrigation water system. Meaning, any excess water from the uppermost portion of the herb garden drips off to all herbs located at the bottom portion of the garden. And if there is any extra water, it will be collected by a basin or water collecting tray underneath the herb garden and it can be recycled and use it to water again into the vertical herb garden.
  • Fewer Pest Infestation – Pests can’t access or get near to your herbs, since all your herbs are grown vertically. However, there are times that pests can still get near your herbs, but it can’t bring serious pest problems. You will no longer have to use insecticides or pesticides in eradicating pests, since you do not have any pest problems in the first place.
  • Lesser risk from mildew, fungus, and other diseases. – Since a vertical herb garden is placed outdoors with good air circulation and good source of sunlight, your herbs have lower risks of growth of mildew, fungus, and other diseases.
  • Improves Air Quality – Herbs and other plants are natural air filters. Plants take up the carbon dioxide in the air and exchange it with oxygen. Aside from taking up carbon dioxide, herbs and other plants also filter the air from air pollutants. Having a vertical herb garden or even other types of garden at home can help make the air you and your whole family breathe to be cleaner and fresher.