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Famous Wagon Wheel Herb Garden Design

Having herbs that are planted in your garden should have a proper herb garden design. Proper herb garden design will not just make your garden nice to look at, but it can also give you easy access for maintenance of your every single herb. Herbs do not only offer flavor, fragrance, and different colors, it can also offer different health benefits for you and your whole family to use. Even during the past centuries, herbs have been widely used in treating different medical conditions and in improving overall quality of life. That is why, a lot of people these days are already bringing different herbs at home and plant it in their own herb garden.

Proper Sunlight for Your Herb Garden Design

You have to keep in mind that most herbs need at least 6 hours of natural sunlight every single day. That is why choosing an area in your garden where natural sunlight can reach is a must. Sunlight will not just keep all your herbs alive, it can also prevent the roots of your herb from rotting due to constantly wet soil. Sunlight can help keep the soil moist enough and not constantly wet to keep it healthy for your herbs’ roots.

 How to Arrange Herbs in Your Herb Garden Design

If you are planning to grow your herbs from seeds, you will have to do some research or read instructions and information on how to properly grow and plant herb seeds found on the seed packets. You do not have to follow a formal herb arrangement on how you are going to do your herb garden design. What is important is that all herbs can be provided with enough space for it to grow and proper sunlight. Cluster all herbs that require the same amount of sunlight exposure and place them on specific areas according to sunlight exposure.

Famous Wagon Wheel Herb Garden Design

Wagon Wheel Herb Garden Design

There is no specific herb garden design for every herb garden. You can make your own unique design but just make sure that you will provide all your herbs with the proper essential factors (sunlight, ventilation, space, and water) for it to survive. However, there is one herb garden design that is very famous and used by lots of present herb garden. The herb garden design is known as the Wagon Wheel. The Wagon Wheel herb garden design can use an actual wagon wheel, where you plant different herbs between its spokes, or if you do not have an actual wagon wheel, you can create a soil bed with distinct divisions in the shape of a wagon wheel. The Wagon Wheel Herb Garden Design is a type of herb garden design that provides easy maintenance for all your herbs.