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Herb Garden Design for Beginners

If you are a newbie or beginner in making an herb garden design, then you are in the right place. Herbs can easily be planted in pots, and can be brought indoors and make your own indoor herb garden, outdoors for your own herb garden, or a mix of both, some herbs outside the house and some herbs inside the house. In making your herb garden design, you have to know and identify all herbs that is of great use for you and your whole family. Having a direct and accessible source of fresh herbs in your backyard can be very fulfilling.

Using Pots for Your Herb Garden Design

When you plan to use pots for your herbs in your herb garden design and you are a beginner in gardening, then you are making the right decision. Herbs in pots can allow you with an amount of flexibility. One reason why herb gardening has flourished and became popular all over the world is because of how it is easy to maintain. Pots for your herb garden design give you the freedom to design and plot the pots according to your preference. Since herbs grow fast and may require to be replaced often, changing the arrangements of pots in your herb garden design can easily be done without any worries.

Popular Pot Arrangement for Your Herb Garden Design

Herbs Arranged On A Rack

A widely used arrangement for potted herbs in any herb garden design is by arranging all potted herbs by levels. People who arrange their potted herbs by levels are using window racks or planter shelves. In this type of arrangement, potted herbs can be arranged nicely without having to consume too much space, and all herbs can be visible for display.

Rule Of Thumb When Making an Herb Garden Design

Since all herbs are unique when it comes to their appearance, size, and height, there is this rule of thumb that all gardeners should take into consideration when making their herb garden design. If you plan to include tall herbs in your herb garden design, such as thyme, you should plant those taller herbs near the wall, or at the sides. Since taller herbs tend to block natural sunlight from reaching the smaller herbs. This rule of thumb together with avoiding overcrowding of herbs in one place can increase the survivability of all your herbs, thus increase the success rate of your herb garden design.