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Herb Garden Design Ideas for Existing Landscape

A typical herb garden design back to the 9th century consisted of well-organized herbs arranged in rows. The herb gardening tradition started in Europe way back on the 9th century. Since then, herb gardening with different herb garden design on each herb garden became more and more famous and present in every house. During the 9th century, formal herb garden designs were used to plant medicinal and/or culinary purposes of herbs. By the 20th century, herb garden design already included herbs that do not have any medicinal or culinary purposes. Herbs with no practical use are already incorporated in herb gardens.

Herb Garden Design During the 20th Century

Herbs that are beautiful, colorful, aromatic, and with lovely appearance, but with no practical use are included in herb garden design to help make their herb garden look beautiful and stylish. And also during the 20th century, herb garden design for herb gardens became less strict in following a specific outlines for herb gardens.

Herb Garden Design Ideas

Herb Garden Design Example

Even there were major changes on how to make an herb garden design, what remains consistent between the 9th century herb garden design and during the present time is the herb garden’s location. No matter during what period herbs came from, they still need the same elements, including sunlight, enough space between other plants, ventilation, soil consistency, and temperature of the environment. Since most herbs do not grow too big that can consume too much space, herb garden design can be made using small spaces from your existing garden or into small spaces near your house.

4 Simple Herb Garden Design Ideas for Existing Landscape

Since herb garden design do not usually take large spaces, it can easily fit in any existing landscape at home. Even if you do not have any landscapes at home, you can easily make herb gardens by just using several pots and place them somewhere that natural sunlight can reach. Here are 5 simple herb garden design ideas for your existing landscape:

  1. If you do not have any vacant space in your garden for herbs to be planted, you can just take approximately 2 feet along one side of the sidewalk or pathway and plant with several herbs.
  2. If you choose to use pots for your herb garden design, just make sure that the containers or pots have proper holes for drainage. And make sure to place your pots or containers with herbs along the sunny side of the house.
  3. If you wish to grow a lot of herbs in your herb garden design that won’t consume too much space, you can make an herb spiral in your existing landscape.
  4. You can add herbs to your existing garden with vegetable and flower plants already. Herbs can mix well with other plants. In fact, herbs in your herb garden design can help attract beneficial insects to your existing garden.