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Herb Garden Design Plan

Making your own herb garden design plan can be a lot of fun. In fact, a lot of people all over the world are already doing and planning their own herb garden design for their gardens. There can be many different purposes for every herb garden, however, all herb gardens are available to help make every person or every family’s life easier.

Growing different kinds of herbs with different purposes (culinary purposes, medicinal purposes, aromatic purposes, decorative purposes, etc) is possible. However, there are specific kind of herbs that can’t survive and thrive in a certain environment, while other herbs can. Choosing the right kind of herbs according to your environment (location, weather, climate, soil, and source of sunlight) can be very helpful in determining whether your herbs can survive and thrive or not.

Planning Your Herb Garden Design

First and foremost, before making your herb garden design, you need to know the exact location where you want to setup your herb garden. Being able to know where you are going to place your herb garden can help you in determining herbs you can plant and grow.

Choosing Herbs for Your Herb Garden Design

After choosing the location for you herb garden design, then you can now decide on what herbs you are going to plant. There are a lot of different herbs that have different purpose. It would be great if you choose herbs that would be of great use for you and your family. If you love cooking, and use herbs most of the time, then it may be best if you choose herbs with culinary purposes (parsley, basil, rosemary, thyme, mint, etc.).  And if you want herbs that can help in alleviating certain symptoms of medical conditions, then it may be reasonable for you to plant herbs in your herb garden design with medicinal purposes (valerian, chamomile, kava-kava, etc.). In fact, you can plant herbs with different purposes together in one herb garden, but just remember that herbs are delicate plants and may need specific weather or climate conditions for it to survive.

Common Herb Garden Design Plans

Although you can make your own herb garden design plan, there are these commonly used herb garden design plans by gardeners all over the world. Each herb garden design plan has its own fair share of advantages and disadvantages. So, just try to maximize each herb garden design plan’s advantages based on the herbs you are going to plant.

Container Herb Garden

  • Container Herb Garden Design– This type of herb garden design is done by planting herbs in pots or containers. Container herb gardening are usually done when there is only a limited small space for planting, such as in apartments. However, container gardening can also be done even in large gardens. An advantage of doing container herb gardening is that it is very easy to move herbs around, since you can carry the container right away.

    Standard Outdoor Herb Planting

  • Standard Outdoor Herb Planting– Herb gardens can be placed indoors and outdoors. In standard outdoor herb planting, you are going to plant the herbs directly into the ground in your garden. Just bear in mind that even though your herbs are already placed outdoors, herbs still need the same care. Also make sure that there is enough space between every herb.

    Decorative Herb Planting

  • Decorative Herb Planting – The main purpose for this herb garden design is for decorative purposes. Research and advance planning should be done when doing this kind of herb garden design plan. Choosing the right herbs and placing them on the right spot to make it look appealing to the eyes are very beneficial in this kind of herb garden design plan.