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Herb Garden Design: Window Planter

Making your herb garden design into a window planter can save you a lot of space and it can also make your any of your windows in the house more attractive. There are a lot of different herbs that can easily thrive in herb gardens, and in fact, most of the herbs can easily survive and be grown on herb window planters. Having your own herb garden window planter at home will only mean one thing, you will have a direct access to fresh herbs that you can use in cooking and other uses for your whole family all year round.

Herb Window Planters

Window Planter Box

Before finalizing the plan for your herb garden design, you have to determine whether you want your window planter hanging inside your house or outside your house. Most people with herb window planters usually have it hang outside the house. Materials used in making planter boxes vary, it can be made from plastic, clay, wood, or even wicker. You have to take into consideration your window’s size, the current condition of your windowsill, and the type of material your window planter box is, to get the most out of your herb garden.

Environmental Conditions for Your Window Planter Herb Garden Design

Not all types of herbs require the same amount of water, sunlight, and nutrients. It is best to know each herb’s preferences before planting it to your herb garden design. To increase the rate of all your herbs to grow properly and healthy, it will be best to plant herbs that have similar environment condition preferences. Your herbs will not do well if you plant different herbs in one planter box with different preferences. For example, if you plant an herb that loves water with an herb that prefers dry soil, you will most likely deprive one herb from water or you will drown the other herb from too much watering.

Choosing the Right Mix of Herbs for Your Window Planter Herb Garden Design

If you need to plant herbs with various environment condition preferences, that is still possible for you to do. To provide all the needs of all your herbs, you can use small containers that can be placed inside your window planter box. You can also choose window planter box that has divisions inside. This way, all your herbs can get all the water and other condition requirements without depriving other herbs and putting other herbs at risks.