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Herb Garden Design With Flowering Herbs

Flowering Herb Garden

Who says that herbs you plant in you herb garden have to be just green in color? There are many flowering herbs that can hold their own with beautiful foliage and bright blooms in any flower garden. There is always an added advantage that you can harvest your beautiful herbs for crafts or cooking, so they’re pretty as well as practical. Many of these beautiful flowering herbs attract insects that are beneficial, too.

For gardeners with limited space, a flowering herb garden design is a great idea because it works two dimensionally as a perennial border and an herb and flower garden. I have sorted out some herbs below that are easy plants you can grow for beautiful flowers and foliage. The colors are mostly in the lavender, blue and pink range, with green, silver or bronze leaves. Yellow and white blooms appears beautiful as it add splashes of color on and off through the budding season.

Bee Balm or Monarda Didyam

Bee Balm – Flowering Herb

Bee balm is an excellent spreading herb and bears summer flowers which are typically red, but there are chances that you can search cultivars with white, pink or purple blooms. ‘Marshall’s Delight’ is one the best pink variety that can resists powdery mildew, a type of fungal disease that can affect leaves and generally leaves gray patches on it. In mid to late spring season, make sure that you pinch out almost half the stems at ground level. It is essential to thin out crowded clomps. These plants usually grow up to a height of 3 feet. Mostly found in the zone range 4 to 9.

Anise Hyssop or Agastache Foeniculum

Anise Hyssop – Flowering Herb

Anise Hyssops are perennial flower herbs that usually grow in bushy clumps, with vertical splitting stems. On the top you can find spikes of lavender-blue flowers in the late or middle of summers. These flowers are well known to attract pollinating bees and other insects which are beneficial to your herb garden. Both the flowers and the leaves are full of fragrance when they are dried or fresh, so they are one the best options to potpourri. Keep in mind that it will self-sow, so remember to pinch off the flower-heads before the black seeds drop and mature. These plants usually grow up to a height of 3 feet. Mostly found in the zone 4 to 9.

Joe-Pye Weed or Eupatorium Purpureum

Joe-Pye Weed – Flowering Herb

Joe-Pye are tall plants and are considered the splendor of the late summer garden. It blossoms of light purple to rosy pink flowers that tower over other shorter herbs, with tough stalks in multi-stemmed clomps. Joe-Pye attracts butterflies as well as a main attraction of many garden visitors. ‘Atropurpureum’ and ‘Album’ offers deep purple stems and white flowers respectively. These plants are usually slow to emerge in the spring season, so make sure to place markers by clomps. The stems reach a height of about 6 inch. Mostly found in the zone 3 to 8.

So fill your herb garden design with these flowering herbs and you won’t only have an exquisite and aromatic retreat but one that’s also a source of good nutrition and health as well.