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Herbs To Lose Weight

If you’ve already decided that 2014 is the year that you will lose unnecessary weight, then think about using herbs in your daily diet as part of a regular weight loss program. Herbs are foodstuff. We use them in our daily cooking to add different flavors to food. They contain nutritious substance like vitamins and minerals. There are many herbs that are helpful to people trying to lose unwanted weight. Since they are not medicine neither they are drugs, you can take them without consulting a physician or dietician. Herbs that are helpful restraining appetite and balance sugar level are best taken in your daily diet for weight loss.

Herbs to Lose Weight


Ginseng to Lose Weight

Many people mention ginseng as one of the herbs that are most effective in lose weight. There are basically two different types sold here in the United States being Chinese and Siberian ginseng. Both forms have been associated to weight loss mainly because of two important reasons. First, they contain caffeine, a metabolism booster and natural stimulant. Secondly, they also work as a thermogenic support, which means they provide you extra power and energy burning extra fat inside your body. Many people also have witnessed appetite reduction and better mental clarity with daily use of ginseng.


Guggul to Lose Weight

This is an Ayurvedic remedy used for easing joint pain, lowering cholesterol level, and helping weight loss. In the year 1999, a study performed by scientists at a famous University (Nebraska and Beth Israel Medical Center) in New York City, people who had took 750 mg of Guggul each day and did a blend of aerobic and strength training workout more than three times per week for one and a half month lost an average of 6 pounds; those who exercised regularly but did not take Guggul lost merely one or two pound. Guggul increases thyroid hormone levels and improves thyroid functions and helps the body metabolize fat. You can take 500 mg of Guggul, three times a day for 3 months to see the results.


Aloe to Lose Weight

Aloe, commonly known as Aloe Vera is a plant linked to cactus. Oral forms of Aloe Vera are frequently used in herbal weight-loss products. Oral aloe is responsible for bowel movements, this is the reason many Aloe weight-loss products are sold in the name of “internal cleansers.” But, excess use of Aloe Vera products has not been shown effective results for permanent weight loss. However, taking oral aloe might lead to serious side effects such as electrolyte disturbances, diarrhea, abdominal cramping, and decrease in potassium. Therefore, high doses of oral aloe is likely unsafe, use it with caution.

Nature Provides a Ready-Made Gym For Weight Loss Program

The natural surroundings are of endless support to your weight-loss goals. Not only does nature earth gives us herbs and plants which are safe, healthy and filled with nourishment, it also gives us a clean air and a free to cost, ready-made gym. Get outside—breathe, stroll, run, mount a tree or a mountain, pick flowers, relax and meditate. Find accomplishment in the world around you. Change your environment and, by changing your environment, you change your thinking. By changing your thinking you change your body. Please also read our previous post on Herbs to Lower Blood Pressure and send us your feedback or comments.