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How to Build a Vertical Wooden Pallet Herb Garden

Vertical herb garden design has been famous all over the world these days. The vertical herb garden design is not only a space efficient herb garden design, it can also help in adding vibrance and decoration to any of your unsightly walls. Vertical herb gardens can even accommodate numerous herbs. There are several different ways on how to build your vertical herb garden design, you can even make us of recycled materials, such as plastic bottles, rain gutters, lattice fence, plastic shoe organizer, and many more. There are several advantages and environmental benefits that a vertical herb garden has to offer.

Vertical Wooden Pallet Herb Garden

Vertical Wooden Pallet Herb Garden

Making use of a recycled wooden pallet can do Mother Nature a very huge favor. Instead of stacking up old wooden pallets in garbage disposals, you can actually use it in making your own vertical herb garden design. You can actually go to supermarkets or grocery stores and find for stacked unused delivery wooden pallets. You can actually find a good delivery wooden pallet stacked up behind supermarkets that are in good condition for you to use in making a vertical herb garden. You will just have to ask permission from the store owner or even manager if you can find yourself a decent wooden pallet that you can get and use. Most of the time owners of supermarkets are more than willing to give you some of their old delivery wooden pallets.

Building Your Vertical Wooden Pallet Herb Garden

  1. First, you have to find yourself a wooden pallet that is in a good condition. Once you already have one, you will just fix loose parts and you maybe rub sandpaper to smoothen rough surfaces of your wooden pallet.
  2.  You will need to cover the bottom, back, and both sides of the wooden pallet with landscape fabric. Fold the landscape fabric twice or thrice just according to the size of your wooden pallet plus a few inches more. Once you have done folding the landscape fabric, you can now start stapling the fabric at the back, bottom, and both sides of the wooden pallet. You will have to leave the top portion and the spaces between the slats, since that is where you are going to plant your herbs later on. Make sure that you are going to securely staple the landscape fabric to your wooden pallet.
  3. Lay the pallet down the floor facing up. Once it is already on the floor, slowly fill your wooden pallet with potting mix. After filling it with potting mix, you can now start planting herbs in between slats.
  4. Once you have completed planting your herbs on your wooden pallet, you will have to leave it there horizontally for a couple of weeks to give your herbs enough time to form sturdy and strong root systems. After a couple of weeks, you can now set it upright.