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How to Design a Potager Herb Garden

Potager garden have become increasingly popular nowadays. The potager herb garden is a garden that dates back to the colonist’s time. They grew almost everything that was necessary for living in this one garden. Many people are quite fascinated by this garden design and often look for suggestions on how to grow a potager herb garden for their home. Well, designing a potager herb garden doesn’t need expert gardening skills and is easy to grow one if you are familiar with few things about them.

What Is A Potager Herb Garden?

Potager herb garden is a combination of the English kitchen garden with the unique style and beauty of French fashion. It is a type of ornamental vegetable garden, but with time people used their own imaginations and now a potager herb garden contains both edible and ornamental herbs. It is designed in such a manner that it looks magnificent while still providing essential herbs for cooking food.

Is There Any Specific Design To Follow?

There is no universal design for a potager garden. There are various types of potager designs. Some are designed in a way that they resemble the appearance of a knot herb garden or some are designed in a certain pattern or a geometric shape. While these garden designs truly resemble the potager garden design, however they are not the only way you need to design your potager herb garden. A traditional cottage herb garden design, which is usually a little less formal, can also make a beautiful potager herb garden.

How to Design a Potager Herb Garden

If you are thinking to design a potager herb garden, then first step is to make an outlay of the design on a piece of paper. Consider how much space you have in your backyard or front lawn and the herbs you intend to grow. Draw all of your design ideas on a paper before you put anything in your garden.

French Style Potager Herb Garden

If you are designing a French style potager herb garden, the main consideration here is to plant those herbs that look good. As you are designing a French style potager herb garden, it is important that you consider the ornamental value of each plant or herbs. Some herbs of plants are ornamental all on their own, while other may not be, so you need to invest time to look for larger variety of ornamental herbs.

Apart from the ornamental value of herbs, it is important to have a perfect color coordination and shape to design a good French garden. Consider the color and shape of the herbs that you want to use in your potager herb garden design. Flowers are also an important aspect of French garden design, so consider using some herbs that bear flowers. But remember that the herbs with flower should properly sync-in with the shape and color of other plants or herbs.

Final Words

Designing a potager garden doesn’t have to fussy at all. Your potager herb garden design can be simple or complicated as you wish it to be. The key consideration on how to design a good potager herb garden is simply to make it look beautiful.