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How To Design A Wiccan Herb Garden

Herb Garden Design And Their Influence

Herb garden design provides a natural look and feel right in your backyard or garden area. Herbs from centuries have been known for the medicinal and magical use. They are the healer as well as provide pleasing landscape in your home. Around the globe, herbs have been known for their different flavors in food as well. If in your home there is an empty space in your backyard than you should plan an herb garden design to add beauty to your home. Herbs have also been a part of the Wiccan community as for them growing herbs in a typical herb garden design is a religious understanding.

Wiccan Herb Garden Design Significance

Accessing the best small Wiccan garden is very possible by making herbal magic in your garden. You can grow herbs for your Wiccan garden in the veranda, or in the kitchen for attractive look. It’s a small garden design that will make a perfect touch for growing the herbs in a perfect way. This garden is neatly done in a magical way for getting excellent appearance. When you choose limited space it is better to use best versatile herbs for culinary, ritual and also medicinal uses like pot marigold, rose rosemary, sage, and thyme so on.

Wiccan Herb Garden Design

Special Conditions To Grow A Wiccan Herb Garden

In Wiccan herb garden design herbs have special importance and are grown according to the special conditions such as moon position and so on.  Different herbs according to Wiccan religion have different uses and magical powers such as willow that stands for love and forgiveness, apple for peace and love and healing, Holly for the best protection, and good future, Hazel for love and deep love with wisdom. Large garden will give authentic style for better effect. Rooter trees will give excellent atmosphere when you grow this plant.

Think Little Different For A Herb Garden Design

To make a Wiccan herb garden design, you need to think a little different. It is not like a normal seeding of herb but has some special procedures due to the religious beliefs. To start, mix a small quantity of amethystin with the soil and after that you prepare a new bed and clean the plot. It is always best to move for deep routing of the soil by placing the hematite in the hole and encourage a strong and deep routing. Make sure that you perform the right procedures before you start the work. Then after that place your crystals in a good traditional manner before you start using the garden.

How To Water Herbs In Your Wiccan Herb Garden Design?

Herbs grown in the Wiccan traditional way requires amount of water. Many people make use of traditional methods to collect water from the rain in a large tank for cleansing the plants or you can make use of sprinklers with timers. Following the Wiccan tradition, watering the herbs should also be performed in a special way. When you water the plants first you have to add a few drops of vetivert or patchouli or other essential oil for better effects. These mixtures are added for better growing of herbs and increase their magical powers. So plan wisely a Wiccan herb garden design to add some magic in your home.