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How To Draw A Diagram For Your Herb Garden Design

Herb Garden Design Needs No Professional Gardener

You’ve made a decision on the different type of herbs you want to grow and the requirement they need but the fun part is to plan a good herb garden design. There are no specific rules but few concepts that can help you in designing your herb garden. Herb garden design needs no professional advice, you can plan, design and grow herbs the way you want it. The most important thing while designing herb garden is that you should have fun doing it.

Choose Your Favorite Location With Enough Sunlight For Your Herb Garden Design

One of the most important factors to consider in your herb garden design is its location. Herb plants require at least 6 hours of sunlight and some may require partial sunlight. Many people prefer to choose a location near the kitchen while growing kitchen herbs. Above all factors, make sure your herb plants get enough sunlight and rest you can choose any location you prefer to. You can choose any places that satisfy your needs and requirements and also is pleasing to your eyes.

Choose Your Favorite Herbs For Your Herb Garden Design

Choice of herbs depends upon your taste and preference. You can choose to grow different varieties of herbs in your herb garden design. You can choose your own favorites herb and pick the herb seeds from the nearby nursery and start planting them. Few most common herbs are rosemary, mint, sage, oregano, parsley and thyme.

Herb Garden Design  – Place Your Herb Plants By Drawing A Diagram

Herb Garden Design Diagram

When you are finished choosing herbs and their location, now comes the time to draw out your plan for your herb garden design. You will require a pencil, eraser and a graph paper. Use the scale, by considering one foot of your herb garden design to two inches. Now to give it a more graphical appearance, grab some different colored papers. Cut them into circles, this will represent the herbs whey they have reached their full growth. Keep in mind that the colored circles you cut should have a diameter considering the height of your herbs. You can use the same scale measure i.e. one foot equals two inches. Consider the separate space for one of the same kind of herbs which can be grown in plenty like basil and separate space for larger herbs like rosemary.

Now when you are done with the scaling and have different colored circles ready, you can start placing the circles on the scaled paper diagram and keep adjusting them until you have good position for all of your herbs. You can also consider designing the diagram according to different colors herbs will produce but that becomes very tedious and I would suggest that you avoid it any confusion on your first herb garden design. After a completion of one season, you can change the position and type of herbs in your herb garden design except the perennial herbs.

Last Words On Drawing Your Herb Garden Design

After you have finished drawing diagram for your herb garden design, you will have an easy job to position your herbs. A good suggestion is that you can create similar circles with same colored sand as you used to draw your diagram. This will help you to create your herb garden design exactly the way you have drawn. Make sure that your herbs get plenty of sunlight for their optimum growth and position herbs according to the instructions given in the packet and have a splendid herb garden design.