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How to Make a Container Herb Garden Design

If you do not have enough space to make an herb garden design in your backyard, then you can always do some changes to your plans. Instead of doing an herb garden, where you plant all your herbs directly into the ground, you can plant your herbs into pots and containers. Using pots and containers will not just maximize your limited space available in your backyard, it can also make gardening easy, since all herbs will be very accessible already. Making a container herb garden design can be an easy task to do, if you will just know what you want and if the area you are planning to place your container herb garden design is conducive for all your herbs to flourish and survive healthily.

Selecting Right Containers for Container Herb Garden Design

Small Container Herb Garden

Any containers or pots for your container herb garden design will always work as long as all your containers have enough holes at the bottom that can be an effective drainage. If you are planning to use one container for every single herb, pots or containers should be at least 6 inches in diameter. If you are planning to use larger containers or pots, it can accommodate several different herbs. Since you can transport and transfer your herbs from one place to another if it is a container herb garden design, then using light weight containers or pots can be beneficial.

Choosing Herbs for the Container Herb Garden Design

All herbs included in your herb garden design should ideally have the same sunlight, water, and temperature requirements. If it is not possible for you to plant all herbs that have the same requirements, you can try to cluster or group herbs with the same requirements for easy maintenance. If you are going after a container herb garden design that will look attractive to the eyes, why not choose herbs and other plants with a variety of different colors and textures.

Container Herb Garden Design Arrangement

There are no right ways or wrong ways in the arrangement of any container herb garden design. But there is this common principle about how to arrange containers with plants, which is placing the tall ones at the center or at the back, and the small herbs in front. No matter how you arrange all your herbs, just make sure that all herbs are well taken care of and it can receive proper sunlight, water, and attention, then you will have no problems in keeping your container herb garden design survive and flourish.