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How To Make Spiral Herb Garden Design

About Spiral Herb Garden Design

Spiral herb garden design is one of the most sustainable home garden designs. With spiral design you can grow herbs on a smaller place with maximum growth. The trick is how effectively and efficiently you design it. The main concept here is to shape the herb garden in the form of a wire. It may sound easy but requires little efforts from your end for a perfect and elegant herb garden design. You need to pay special attention on the sunlight and try to get a good spot. Usually it’s best that the tail of the spiral herb garden is on a shady spot.

Materials Needed For Spiral Herb Garden Design

While starting the spiral herb garden design you need to arrange for materials such as:

  • Bricks
  • Soil
  • Cardboard
  • Straw

Spiral herb garden design is interesting to design and you can also use your own creativity and imaginative power to modify it. Bricks could be expensive to purchase so you can find some sources on internet especially in craigslist to get cheap bricks or used bricks. You also need to be very careful in choosing the straw material. Do not make use of hay as it may give rise unwanted weed in your garden. Use oat or wheat straw instead for proper layout and design. Next thing is soil; well you can get some good organic potting soil from the nearby nursery. Make sure that the soil is fertile and dry. And last nut not the least cardboards. You can easily get them from the market especially in stationery sections of the supermarkets. Make an attempt to barter or recycle for your materials as if you make purchases of the items, spiral herb garden design may become very expensive to setup.

Steps To Make Your Spiral Herb Garden Design

  • Spiral Herb Garden Design

    The first step is to spread the cardboard over the area which needs to be placed with bricks. Make sure that you do not cover the spiral circumference and there is some space left between it.

  • After you have placed cardboard, start preparing the spiral design with the bricks. Start from the center point and go in one direction. When designing the spiral herb garden design, make sure you go from higher elevation to lower elevation. When you reach the end, remove bricks from the end. If the surface is uneven, you can make use of straws between bricks.
  • Make sure that you dampen the straw and the cardboard while making the spiral herb garden design.
  • Make sure that you fill water in the spiral fissures and then make holes in the straw with the help of sharp pencil and evenly space the holes.
  • Layer the soil between the spiral and the herb plants.

Final Words On Spiral Herb Garden Design

After you have completed the process, your spiral herb garden design is ready and you can plant different herbs depending upon the zone you will. The ideal herbs that you can grow on a spiral herb garden design in the center which requires less water are rosemary, sage and thyme. On the exteriors ends, you can grow herbs like cilantro, chives, parsley, chamomile and mint. So start planning for your own spiral herb garden design today.