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How To Perfectly Plant The Herbs In Your Herb Garden Design

Be Passionate About Having Your Own Herb Garden Design

If you are passionate about cooking with fresh herbs it’s time to have culinary herb garden design in your home. Herbs add temptation to the food and salads and I think there is hardly anyone who can ignore this fact. Soups, sauces, pastas and even pizzas require a mix of freshly grown herbs to give an unmatchable taste. Dedicating a small herb garden in your home is simply a good idea to cater to all your herb needs without going to some supermarket and purchasing expensive dry herbs. Fresh herbs are hygienic and contain less or no fertilizers.

Wet And Dry Conditions For Your Herb Garden Design

After you have spotted the spot for the plantation of the herbs, it becomes very important to check the characteristics of herbs before planting them. If you already have a custom herb garden design than just make sure that you plant herbs according to their growth, height and wet & dry conditions. If you plant herb which requires less water in a humid area than you are making it vulnerable to insects so check on the humidity condition required for the herb. It becomes very essential that you group the herbs plant wisely. For example, it’s not a good idea to grow rosemary and mint together as they have different conditions to grow.


Well now that you know that you require different humid conditions for different herbs, now it’s important that you’d be careful with the height of the herbs. Herb garden design is all about considering the minute details while planting herbs. Keep in mind that herbs do not block the view of other herbs. Another important factor here is that tall herbs will block sunlight for the smaller herbs, so keep in mind that you should have a proper alignment of the herbs. For example, dill is one of the tallest herb whereas oregano the smallest, so you should be careful to plant oregano at the first level followed by medium height herbs and then the tallest.

Cross Pollination

Borage Herb

While planting herb in your herb garden design, make sure that the other flower bearing plants are at a safe distance from the herbs. Cross pollination is good if two plants share similar characteristics but may also destroy the beauty of herbs if have different properties. For example, Borage, an amazing herb with edible flowers may lose its beauty if it’s grown with squash plants. However, borage and rose are good partners and share the same property of beautiful edible flowers. So you need to have a look at what type of plant goes along with herb and then start with your herb plantation process.

Don’t be Afraid To Start Herb Garden Design

Having herb garden is a useful asset in your home, so plant the herbs with interest and do not fear about if it will succeed or not. Once you will plant herbs, you will with time know their features and characteristics and know about them. So utilize your time on this weekend to have your own herb garden design.