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How To Plant Multi Color Herbs For Herb Garden Design

Creating A Beautiful Landscape At You Home

Herb garden design could be one of the best ways to create a beautiful landscape in your home. You do not need an empty space to plant herbs; they can be planted along with the existing plants in your garden. Herb garden design can be fun and you can your imaginative design to make them unique and special in your own way. Whether it’s your sidewalk area or at your backyard, herb plantation is always a good way to keep your garden filled with kitchen and medicinal herbs. Also it’s an art in some dimension, there are some splendid designs created by simple people, using their imagination to give their herb garden design a different look.

How To Apply Color Theme With Your Herb Garden Design?

Color themed herb garden design can be very easy. You just need to pick some of the different herbs that have different colored flowers once they start growing. It is very appealing. You may need to do some good search to get different shades of herb plants. You can visit local nursery and also some stores that have herb seed packets. In the packet, you will get proper guidelines on how to plant them and their use and their characteristics. This will help you to make essential choices and plant them accordingly.

Different Shades Of Herb Plants

Integrating Geometrical Shapes With Herb Garden Design

Now you have the theme but now it’s how you design it. Most commonly, you don’t want to grow herbs in a straight line, this will not give any effect. The color theme will have no significance if not given a good shape. You can make use of most common geometrical shapes. For example, you can make use of circles. Plant different herbs with different or same geometrical shapes; this will give them a different effect. The main thing while considering herb garden design is how well you make use of different shapes and ensure proper maintenance.

Allocation Of Different Herb For A Perfect Design

It becomes very essential that you keep an eye on the herb plantation every day. Different herbs have different characteristics and what one herb plant demand may not essentially be same for other. So making a plan accordingly as to what group of herbs should be together will facilitate easy maintenance and take care of herb. Herb garden design is simple, yet you need to consider step-by-step process so that your hard work that you implied to grow herbs is successfully met. Consider on how you allocate different herbs and plant them accordingly in a good unique shape or design.

How To Initiate With A Herb Garden Design?

Fertilizers and use of manures should be done in the minimum. Fertilizers are sometimes very necessary to maintain the fertility of the soil but do not use them in excess. Herbs however do not require so much care when they are fully grown but initially they seek proper care. Also, choose location which has is located on a sunny area and you have good source of water nearby. Do not just choose place, where you need to struggle every day to water them. So I hope in your coming weekend, you are giving a start for your new herb garden design and style.