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Incorporate Beneficial Raised Beds Into Your Herb Garden Design

Herb Garden Design To Decoratively Grow Herbs At Your Backyard

Herb garden design is a late 20th century phenomenon. Tradition of herb gardens trace back to 9th century. Gardening and garden design at that time consisted of plantation of formal plants that are useful.  Aligned rows and well-ordered squares were the theme at that time. At the start of 20th century the clutch of herb garden got little loosened for their less decorative value and floral plants and plants that are used for ornamental purpose found their way into the gardens.  With time gardeners realized that among all the decoration of floral plants they are missing the feel and lovely aroma of herb plants. As a solutions a few designer came forward with innovative herb garden designs that changed the scenario ones again.

Herb Garden Design: Where To Place A Herb Garden

Raised Bed

Location has been a major factor of herb garden design.  Herb gardens usually stay close to places where herbs will be used. They make a small space even a corner of a house more productive and attractive without investing a hard labor. While designing an herb garden you need not only to be sure on the choice of plants (the plants should suit to the conditions— sun, water, climate and soil) but also to the location. You can create an herb garden at your kitchen, your dining area or at the backyard to get best of an herb garden.

Herb Garden Design Ideas For Your Choice Of Landscape

If you are planting herbs at your backyard you can take the sides of the pathway or sidewalk planting herbs. You can also grow herbs in planters and keep them at the sunny side of your backyard. If you have chosen your kitchen as a location of your herb garden you can make use of window boxes of various size and shapes. They look attractive and also provide enough space for each herb specifically. Include parsley, chives and rosemary among the various other herbs as you can comfortably grow them indoors.

Raised Bed Or Herb Spiral

You may also build a raised bed at your lawn. Raised beds are most often used for herb garden design. They look attractive and are best for those areas where grounds are too difficult to work with for gardening.  You can fill the raised bed with right mix so that the plants can thrive in greater density. Raised bed look more beautiful when they are made with redwood or cedar. Herb spiral is another popular herb garden design that allows the gardener to grow a lot of herbs in a small amount of space.

Herb Garden Design: It’s Not Necessarily Be Ostentatious

The sheltered, small corners of the house make an ideal space for an herb garden. With innovative herb garden design ideas, now the herb gardens too possess an ornamental value. While you select an herb garden design make sure that it is blending perfectly with the overall decor. For an herb garden design you need not to be to ostentatious, a moderate design may also look good if implemented appropriately.