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Interesting Herb Gardens

Colorful Herb Garden Design Provides A Spectacular Landscape

Herb garden design provides a spectacular view and exotic aromas. It brings colors to your life. You can plant different herbs according to the different characteristics they have. Herbs have been used from many centuries and have been known for their medicinal use and flavor for the food. Everyone is taking interest to grow herbs at home. Herb garden design usually revolves around themes such as culinary or medical. These themes are still in practice but for your home, you can choose different designs according to your favorite herbs. You can create a colorful themed herb garden design, which will beautify the landscape.

Few Interesting Herb Garden Design For Your Home

Cottage Herb Garden Style

Herb garden design theme is based on different seasons. Few of the most interesting herb gardens are:

  • Potager garden – These garden have become increasingly popular and designing them in your home is easy. Paotger herb garden design is based on the kitchen garden style with the influence of the French design. It combines the usage of plants which are edible and ornamental. Such a combination provides a spectacular view of your herb garden. You can use various kind of geometric shapes and different color herbs to shape your potager garden. Your potager herb garden can be very simple or complicated, as you want it to be.
  • Cottage herb garden design – The main theme of this garden is to grow plants and herbs around a dwelling. It combines the plantation of vegetables with ornamental and kitchen herbs. In cottage garden style, herbs are grown very close to each other, which give it a unique design which is spectacular to watch. This may look like a natural garden design but it takes a bit of planning to design the cottage herb garden. Herbs are planted and arranged in the form of rows or drifts. They are also grouped according to their heights and colors. A very good example of an interesting formal herb garden style.
  • Witches herb garden design – This type of garden design has been famous from centuries. The garden theme is based on the plantation of medicinal and kitchen herbs. Many monks gain the knowledge of the importance of medicinal herbs and started using them for providing relief in many diseases. These were thought as magical herbs and many people thought they had witches power. You can design this garden style with the use of varieties of medicinal herbs. These herbs include rosemary, parsley and many others.

These are some of the interesting designs that you make use of while planning for an herb garden style. Every theme has something different to offer and you will love designing your garden.

Keep Your Herb Garden Design Simple

Creating a theme based garden should involve your interest. You can make use of your empty backyard or lawn and draw a diagram to design your herb garden. Once done drawing the outline for your herb garden, make use of the above mentioned interesting themes. Insist to keep your herb garden design theme simple and spectacular.