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Neem Oil as an Organic Pesticide for Your Herb Garden

Making and growing your own herb garden design can really be fulfilling and useful to you and your whole family. Having your own herb garden at home can give you an unlimited supply of fresh herbs that you can use whenever you need to and you can even gain all herbs’ natural benefits. However, when it comes to maintaining your own herb garden, there are always big chances of various problems arising. One of the most common and serious problems gardeners are most likely to face is pest and insect infestations.

Pest Infestations of Your Herb Garden Design

Neem Leaves

Pest infestations will not only stay on your herb garden, it will also create serious damages to all your herbs, which can really affect the health of your herbs. Herbs that are infested with pests are usually not useful anymore and they will no longer look pleasing to the eyes. Pest infestation will not happen directly, it will usually start by a couple of insects going to your herb garden, and slowly multiplying, which results in a pest infestation. Gardeners who are cautious and vigilant when it comes to pest control can help in preventing pest infestation from happening by doing prompt actions that can eradicate the problem.

Neem Tree’s Natural Pesticide Properties

The capabilities and pest killing properties found in neem leaves have been very famous for a very long time already. Properties of neem leaves are not just for pest repelling, neem leaves are also anti-feedants. Aside from pest repelling and anti-feedant properties, neem leaves properties are also effective in inhibiting various pests from laying their eggs and it can also slowly change behavior patterns of various pests and insects that can cause pests and insects to die naturally. Neem leaves are effective pesticides to hundreds of different pests.

Neem Oil as an Organic Pesticide

Neem oil is taken from the extracts of neem leaves. Oil extract of neem leaves is one of the most potent and effective organic pesticides available today. In fact, neem oil extract contains not less than 50 natural pesticide chemicals, which can prevent various pests and insects developing immunity and/or tolerance to the neem oil. However, you have to keep in mind that neem oil does not work directly. It will take some time before you can see results. Neem oil will cause pests and insects to stop eating (anti-feedant properties), stop reproducing, and soon dying off naturally. It will usually take a couple or more weeks before neem oil organic pesticide can take full effect.