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Patio Herb Garden

You can easily make your own herb garden design. Having your own herb garden can really be beneficial for you and your whole family. There are various purposes an herb garden can serve, such as for cooking, for heath purposes, and/or decorative purposes. There are also a lot of possible locations or areas where you can place your herb garden. One location that can make your herb garden multi-purpose is the patio. When you place your herb garden in your patio, it can serve as a decoration, it can make your patio smell fresh, and the herbs planted in your herb garden can be used in your cooking or for your family’s use.

Container Herb Garden for Your Patio

Patio Herb Garden Design

Containers or pots for any herb garden are usually used in patios. Sizes of pots or container used in patio herb gardens can come in different sizes. It is very important to consider the size of your patio and its empty space. Containers are ideal for patio herb gardens, since containers can easily be moved when needed and are portable. Before planting herbs into containers, it is also very important to place containers to an area in your patio where natural sunlight can reach, since most herbs love to be exposed under the sun.

Considerations in Making Container Herb Gardens

Different herbs have their own moisture preferences. And if you plan on planting several different kinds of herbs in one large container or pot, you have to make sure that all those herbs have one common moisture preference. If you plant herbs with different herbs in one container, some of your herbs may not properly thrive in your patio garden. If you have decided on what herbs you will include in your patio container herb garden, you will have to do a little research about their specific moisture preference and other factors that are important for its survival.

Tips on Caring for Patio Container Herb Garden

  1. You have to make sure that all your containers have proper drainage. You have to check underneath all your containers before putting gardening soil whether they have enough holes to drain excess water. Too much moisture for a long period of time in your soil can rot the roots of all your herbs.
  2. Place your containers to an area where natural sunlight can reach for the longest time. Herbs love sunlight and sunlight is a very important factor for the survivability of your entire patio container herb garden.
  3. Regularly snip and cut tips of your herbs, if you want your herbs not to overcrowd. Most herbs grow fast. Snipping regularly can help in controlling its growth.