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Pest Control for Your Herb Garden

Having your own herb garden at home can give you and your family an all year supply of fresh and clean herbs. Herbs are not just used as an additional flavor to any of your favorite recipes, but various herbs are also packed with various health benefits that you and your whole family can gain. However, herb gardens, just like any types of gardens, can give rise to several problems. One of the most common problems in an herb garden that each gardener has to face is pest or insect infestations.

Herb Garden Pest Infestation

Pest Control for Your Herb Garden

There are a lot of different pests or insects that can possibly infest your herb garden. You have to do some research regarding different types of pests that can possibly infest your herb garden. Having a little knowledge or idea regarding pest infestations can help you think of ways or find effective preventive measures to keep pest infestation at bay. There are actually two different types of pests that can infest or create damage to your herb garden. These two types of pests include:

  1. Insects
  2. Varmints and Birds

Importance of Pest Control for Your Herb Garden

Obviously, pest infestation on your herb garden can create devastating effects to all your herbs, which can affect your herb garden and you and your family’s herb usage in many ways possible. Of the most apparent and first effect that is obvious in a pest infestation is in the way how the herb garden will look, or a damage to the aesthetic beauty of your herb garden. Pest infestation can cause the leaves of your herbs in your herb garden to wilt, yellow discolorations, and sometime holes on every leaf will be visible. Pest infestation will also cause stunted herb productivity, which can diminish new growth of harvestable herbs that you can use.

3 Types of Pest Control for Your Herb Garden

There are several different types that can be done to help in controlling pests for your herb garden. You will just have to weigh each type of pest control’s advantages and disadvantages and decide which type of pest control you and your herb garden can mostly benefit from.

  • Plant Pest Repellent Herbs – this type of pest control makes use of particular herbs that have a natural barrier or repellent to pests.
  • Beneficial Insects – Not all insects are bad for herb gardens. There are insects that can help in pest control, accelerating composting process, and helps in pollination.
  • Organic Insecticides – If infestation is already present, you can use organic insecticides to help in killing or controlling pest infestation. Organic insecticides are not as harmful as other commercially prepared insecticides.