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Plant Herbs That Are As Beautiful As They Are Useful

Top Three Performers For A Perfect Herb Garden Design

Herb garden designing is must before planting herbs at any corner of your house or flower garden. But before you initiate on designing you had better to have some knowledge about the different types of herbs that you can grow or nurture at a chosen place.  Do you know what properties make an herb an herb? In general terms, herbs are plants that used mostly in cooking that possess some therapeutic value. The most common kitchen herbs that are used by common households with a perfect herb garden design are; parsley, rosemary and saga.

Historical Or Botanical You May Choose Any With Your Herb Garden Design

If you talk botanically, herbs are sort of herbaceous (plants that grow from a soft not woody stem).  Historically herb refers to a little different than its botanic meaning. Historically herbs are plants that are useful to people by way of fragrance, flavor, or medicinal properties.  It’s really no matter whether they grow from a soft or a hard stem. If they possess some useful content that can be used for some useful purpose comes under the category of herb plants. What plants you are going to take initiating an herb garden design, depends entirely upon you. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to take herbs that are botanically approved as herb plant, you may choose plants form the other segment as well.

Roman Chamomile Flowers

Try Some Artistic Blend With Your Herb Garden Design

Considering herb garden design, there is one more concept that you may take into account. Typically, herbs are chosen by their traditional value. Whosoever get interested in growing herb in their garden start with the herbs that have some traditional value but as time passes by they realize that herb do have decorative or ornamental attribute, too.  There are exquisite foliage and flowers that can artistically blend with other perennials, biennials and annuals. You can experiment with various blends while preparing your herb garden design.

Top Three Performers

For your herb garden design I can suggest you numerous plants that are as beautiful as they are useful. Let’s start with the three top performers in the range that would provide you with perfect bland of utility and decor.

Silver Thyme– the botanical name is Thymus vulgarisArgenteus’, and blossom color is a mix of lavender and pink. It’s a beautiful herb that you can keep top in the list of chosen plants for herb garden design.  It’s a 12 inches tall herb plant that creates bushy and abundant textures and fits with all most all the decorative designs and places.  Silver thyme harvested year round and it gives delicious flavor to vegetables and seafood.

Ornamental Oregano – Origanum laevigatum is the name it holds botanically. Oregano takes height of around 2 feet and it bloom time is summer. Among the dark-green leaves oregano’s purplish pink flowers looks very beautiful.

Roman chamomile – The Chamaemelum nobile’s blossom color is white and bloom time is summer. While you are considering an herb harden design try maximum to place chamomile in your design. It would be wonderful experience to walk near the threadlike leave of chamomile breathing in the pleasing apple-pineapple scent it produces.

Perfectly Completing With An Herb Garden Design

Although there are so many herbs that you can use for your herb garden design. Explore a little to see what the other herbs that suits with your need and goes with your taste. Few of them may not confine to a designated herb garden but are used to fill the crakes and crevices to complete a herb garden design.