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Potting Mixes for Your Vertical Herb Garden Design

Growing your own herb garden is not impossible even if you do not have enough free space at home. Making a vertical herb garden design is one space efficient herb garden design, which allows anyone to have their own herb garden at home with no gardens or any vacant lots. Vertical herb gardens have even a lot of environmental benefits to offer. Making and maintaining a vertical herb garden is not complicated, just as long as you can provide your herb garden with the right things and requirements for all your herbs to survive and grow healthily.

Potting Mixes for Vertical Herb Garden

Potting Mix

Potting mixes play a very big and important role in any types of gardening. In a vertical herb garden, you have an option whether you are going to use a soil mix or a special media for your herbs to get enough nutrients from. However, no matter which one you are going to choose, always keep in mind that you should do and use what is best for all your herbs.

Types of Potting Mixes for Your Vertical Herb Garden Design

As mentioned earlier, making a vertical herb garden design can give you an option whether you are going to use soil mix or a certain special media. If your vertical herb garden requires using a soil mix, you have to make sure that you are going to use the best potting mix out there, for it to provide your herbs with the right and enough nutrients for it to grow healthily. There are ready made potting mixes that can be purchased in most stores with gardening supplies. I would not recommend a specific type and brand of potting mix, but I can provide you with some tips on how to choose the right potting mix for your vertical garden.

3 Useful Tips in Choosing the Right Potting Mix for Your Vertical Herb Garden Design

  1. Soil Wetting Agents – it is important to choose a potting mix with soil wetting agents. Soil wetting agents will prevent the soil from drying completely by retaining moisture.
  2. Slow Release Fertilizers – a potting mix should be able to provide your herbs with the right nutrients for a long period of time for herbs to grow healthily. Slow release fertilizers found on potting mixes can ensure that all your herbs can receive enough nutrients.
  3. Well Draining – Even if your potting mix contains soil wetting agents to help in retaining moisture, a well draining potting mix can prevent your soil to stay wet for a long time. Too wet soil can cause rot your herbs’ root system, which can cause your herbs to die.