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Proper Herb Garden Design with Invasive Herbs

Another huge advantage of a proper herb garden design versus those who just toss seeds into a lottery-like soup is the ability to control the invasive herbs. For those who do not know all herbs are not created as equal. Some can be very gentle and obedient, similar to well behaved citizens in your country, but others are just looking for a chance to start all kind of troubles for other herbs and given the opportunity they will mess with your well structured herb garden design so badly that nobody will recognize that the garden was ever planned nicely.

Why to Grow Invasive Herbs if they are so bad?

Well, for their benefits of course. Just because they are very aggressive does not mean that you should avoid. Preparation is key, which is why a good herb garden design will anticipate such problems and adapt the design accordingly for example with containers which we speak about a little later in this article.

kudzu invades parking – be careful in your herb garden design

Coming back to the question a lot of these herbs do have good benefits and they are not always cooking related. For example one of the most famous invasive herb called “kudzu” which you see on the picture here is known to be the vine which ate the South. But it is used to treat alcoholism by the Chinese. Other examples of medicinal herbs which are also aggressive are the Wild Grape and English ivy which can wreck havoc on your garden design but are beneficial as a diuretic and tackling skin issues respectively.

Likewise, mint is also somewhat of a troublemaker which needs to be controlled as well as garlic chives which are used against disease. Both of these can sprout and spread uncontrollably.

The key thing to understand here for your herb garden design is that while some herbs will fail to grow if you plant hundreds of seeds, others need but a spark to start their global domination plan.

use herb garden design to control aggressive herbs in buried containers

Controlling Invasive Herbs with Containers in your Herb Garden Design

So, how does one go about cultivating these invasive and aggressive herbs while maintaining the integrity, structure and beauty of one’s garden? One of the ways of doing that is to use containers to control fully the location and the expansion of these herbs. Luckily containers also make herb garden design easy because they are easy to factor in your drawings on the paper or on the computer.

The key things for the container are the depth, which should be sufficient for the herb you are trying to grow, but the bottom of the container, in most cases, you would have to cut out for proper soil nutrition. However the sides of the container will block all the aggressive herbs which try to expand through their roots in the horizontal direction.

If you will bury the container in the ground then the top level of the container also must not be in line with the ground, but about 2 inches above the soil surface. Otherwise, aboveground containers are also an easy solution to deal with.

You can see some examples of containers sold on Amazon here.

Herb Garden Design Gives you Control

Finally I hope it was very clear that without the control given by the herb garden design one could potentially lose control and the benefit of their herb garden due to invasive herbs. So please do take some extra time right from the beginning to make a good herb garden design so that you can rip the benefits and avoid the dangers.