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Your Best Resource for Herb Garden Designs

Small Herb Garden Design

Making your herb garden design does have any required garden size. You can make your herb garden design to be as small as possible if you want. In fact, almost all herbs do not grow very tall and big that will require too much room in your garden. One advantage of having your own herb garden at home, may it be a small herb garden design or a big herb garden design, you can have direct access to fresh herbs every single time you will need it and you will not have to spend money for fresh herbs. Herbs may be available for sale in selected markets, but remember, herbs will usually cost you a lot.

Size of Your Herb Garden Design

Having an unused space 12 feet square in your garden is usually enough for you to plant herbs for you and your family to use. However, if you do not have 12 feet square free space in your garden or that space is too big for your herbs to be planted, you can always downsize your herb garden design. Just keep it in mind that it will best if you allow 1 square foot of space for each of your herb. And if you plan to use pots or containers for your herb, use a 12 inch pot for every single herb.

Pathway or Sidewalk Herb Garden Design

Herb Garden Design Along the Pathway

When making an herb garden design, it is important to know the exact location you are going to use in your lot. In fact, there are a lot of people who do not have enough empty space in their yard, that they opt in placing their herbs along their pathway or sidewalk. Pathway herb garden design is an easy to maintain herb garden and can make your pathway more attractive.

Containers and Raised Bed Herb Garden Design

If you choose to plant your herbs in containers, then just make sure that each container has holes for easy drainage. You can also build a platform using a plywood that can raise herbs and make it an attractive display in your garden. If you do not want to use any platforms for your containers with herbs, you can always place the containers directly into the ground. Just make sure that you arrange all containers in an orderly fashion to create an attractive herb garden design, which will look appealing and attractive to anyone.