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The Best Way and Tips on How to Make a Herb Garden Design

It is probably a better idea to jump on your herb garden design in your mind and on paper first before actually starting to plant and arrange things in the real world. A little bit of planning ahead can really make a huge difference in the final result and can be a difference between really messy unpleasant herb garden design whereas with some effort from the start you could have a herb garden to feel proud of.

Start Your Herb Garden Design on Paper

victorian herb garden design – just draw some ideas on paper

The easiest thing to do is to take a whole bunch of papers and start to sketch, just to get yourself going. Visualize in your mind and just draw the best you can on paper. You might already know the size of your garden, so you can immediately draw your dimensions, which gives you a much easier, more limited space to work with. Alternatively, you might want certain herbs to be definitely included in your herb garden design, then this is also very good because you can put them where you like and then see what you have left to work with. You will probably use up lots of papers and toss the bad designs away, but that’s part of the whole fun of it, making your own herb garden design and seeing it before you grow it and then growing it and watching it come to existence as you planned it.

Think About the Herbs in Your Herb Garden Design

As you might already know there are all sorts of different herbs and they grow in different ways. Some take a lot less space than others and some are more aggressive. So what you want to make sure is that in your herb garden design you are thinking both about the horizontal placement of the herbs but also the vertical because some herbs like mint can grow quite tall and you might need to contain it while others like thyme don’t go much in the vertical axes but do like to spread themselves. Parsley, on the other hand, grows in clumps.

Thinking of the Herbs’ Bloom

Many herbs can bloom the same way as flowers do during specific parts of the year. So you might want to use this in your herb garden design to either make everything blood together and have a lush period or design the herb garden in such a way as to have some bloom more or less all around the year.

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It always helps to think simple to begin with and learn slowly step by step, so I hope these tips were a good start and please do visit and read our other articles on herb garden design.