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Types Of Soil And Their Uses

Great Value Of Soil In Everyone’s Life

Life on the earth is not possible without soil. Soil is available everywhere. People use soil for production of food, crops etc. Although, soil looks same at some extent, but still it have several types. Knowing different types of soil is essential if you want to start gardening or cropping. Different types of soil are used for different purposes. Learn several types of soil and detailed factors that will help you making your selection in an appropriate way. It is comprised to nutrients, microorganisms, water, decomposed matter for living and minerals by which plants get sustain growth. Let’s read on various types of soil and their uses.

Clay Soil & Its Great Uses

This type of soil contains high amount of nutrients, minerals and also provides full support to plant after getting adequately drained. The clay soil has several usages. To grow bergamots, roses, partridge pea, purple coneflower, prairie dock, rattlesnake master and compass plant, clay soil gives amazing results. It works brilliantly with grasses that require heavy soils like switch grass, bluestem and Indian grass. In construction sector, clay soil is extensively being used as it can easily be dried and fired to construct bricks. Combining clay soil with sand and straw, one can make cob which is lately used for ovens, benches or buildings.

Ultimate Usages of Loamy Soil

Loamy soil is a great type of soil that works amazingly with cultivation of plants and is used for growing garden fruits, vegetables and flowers. It combines sand, clay and silt in 40:20:40 ratio. This soil gets easily drain and full of nutrients and organic matter. Plants like tomato, lamb quarters, breeches of bear, chickweed, feverfew, geranium and cardinal flowers prefer loamy soil to grow. People use loamy soil with the combination to straw in construction industry as it do remarkable job in building construction.

What Are The Uses Of Peaty Soil

This soil is composed extensively for decomposing vegetable matter. It is typically used for mosses and sedges. This type of soil is highly acidic, easy for waterlogged and light in weight. It is found mainly in low areas which are susceptible for logging of water. Peaty soil is highly fertile, rich in nutrients, organic and sometimes needs extra drainage. Peaty soil type is used for growing primroses, rhododendrons, heather, azaleas and several other acidic plants or ericaceous. It works greatly to nurseries pH level in the soil.

Quality & Usages Of Sandy Soil

This soil type is ideal soil type for people who do not want to do hard work. Indeed, it is easy to handle, but quite hungry for sure. If you will add compost in this soil type, all the nutrients will go away. In drought climate, sandy soil has to suffer a lot because it drains in faster way in comparison to heavy or other types of soil. It is said that sandy soil can be used for water purification. It is right option for growing potatoes and carrot.