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Use Your Innovative Ideas For Designing A Unique Herb Garden

Religious Importance Of Herbs

Herb garden design is all about innovative ideas. You can design a formal or an informal herb garden depending upon the space available. Herbs are very easy to plant and add a pleasing look for our eyes especially in the morning. Herb plantation has been known for its medicinal use since centuries and also has a special place in the Wiccan religion. In some Asian countries too, herbs have been known for their religious impact on people. So having your own herb garden and with a distinguished herb garden design will surly add sparkling magic to your home.

Turn A Simple Herb Garden Design Into A Fabulous One With Your Innovative Ideas

You can create an easy or a typical herb garden design depending upon your creativity and time. You need to devote some regular hours to create a wonderful herb garden. A circular herb garden is the most common design which people loves to create in their garden. Often it is mixed with other vegetables. Well, if you use your creativity, you can turn a simpler circular designed herb garden into a spectacular one. I saw one herb garden in my neighborhood, which was circular in shape but the owner used many types of fancy stuffs and have grown herbs which bear beautiful flowers which had totally changed the view.

Make Use Of Recyclable Materials

You can make use of jute products and other recyclable materials to surround your herb garden. A lot of people invest time to make a proper design of the herb garden but in my opinion even a simpler designed herb garden can be very beautiful. With the use of fancy fences and use of different pots along with basic garden structuring, you can have an excellent herb garden design. Also, herb garden depends on the amount you will spend. Usually, buying herb seeds and other materials may be cost intensive. So firstly, make your budget on how much you will spend on buying different herb seeds and other materials.

Box Shaped Innovative Herb Garden Design

Boxed Shaped Herb Garden Design

Planting different herbs is sure one of the best ways for a perfect herb garden design. With a limited space at the backyard, you can create boxed shaped herb garden design. Box shaped designed herb harden are getting quite famous as they require less space and also looks attractive. Here, herbs are planted in boxes made from terracotta or hard wood material which resist water and dampening conditions. It’s a common design which you can notice in many of the Australian homes.

Keep In Mind The Herbs Dimensions For A Perfect Herb Garden Design

The most important factor while designing herb garden is to put them in the right place. Herbs require plenty of sunshine for them to grow, so make sure that you choose a spot that faces south direction. Every herb requires different dimension to grow properly so keep in mind that you leave good space between two herbs. For example, cilantro and chives requires at least 1 foot to grow whereas rosemary and mint requires approximately 3 to 5 feet. Also, make use of the best fertile soil that allows water to drain for the perfect herb garden design to flourish at your home.