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Wall Mounted Herb Garden Design

Herb Garden Design Benefits

I looked at the little space near the kitchen door and mused over some pretty herb garden designs. We all like to have a little space at our homes for our favorite herbs. Where we can cultivate them with our own hands and see them grow beautifully in natural way. No artificial chemicals here, please! The kitchen herb garden design can be either simply functional with just the spices, herbs and edible flowers we use in our kitchen. Or it can be much more than enhancing culinary skills! With little efforts and planning we can have a beautiful herb garden which is not only handy but also holds an ornamental value in our homes.

Proper Planning Is A Must For Herb Garden Design

In the concrete jungle survivals of the modern day, the herb garden needs to be designed with much care and planning. We have the option of planting them in either pots or small containers or even a patch of soil, if it is available. The pots and containers can be decorated according to taste to add light vibrant colors to the herb garden. The pots then can be placed in various arrangements on the floor itself or in stands as per the space availability. We can also place them near a wall like a hanging arrangement that looks decorative and also saves space.

Wall Mounted Herb Garden Design

A wall mounted garden is a beautiful option for optimize use of space near your kitchen. Such herb garden, instead of floor space, uses vertical spaces near the kitchen area to grow useful herbs. Living in a metro makes you adapt to utilize the available space to its optimal usage. I always wanted a herb garden design to cultivate my favorite spices and medicinal herbs. But the problem was of space. Then one of my friends suggested some nice ideas about hanging my plants! Initially shocked, I adopted her ideas and now I am a proud owner of a beautiful wall mounted herb garden.

Wall Mounted Herb Garden Design

How You Can Make Your Own Wall Mounted Herb Garden Design?

A cool idea struck like lightening and there was no looking back. I started with an old wall mounted shoe organizer and it turned out so well. It was mounted right outside my kitchen window. Slowly the dull gray shoe-holder turned green with herbs growing out of the pouches. Encouraged with the success, I moved to plant more herbs. I used 1.5 and 2 litre coke bottles cut into half and placed these into a rack on side of a wall. Old wooden crates and even egg trays (for smaller varieties) added on to my collection. Now I have my most sunny walls green!

When Are You Starting Your Herb Garden Design?

The fragrant herbs and not only used to spice up the dishes we cook, they also have many medicinal benefits. We can grow even little tomatoes and maybe if space allows a small grape vine right outside the kitchen. They keep the atmosphere so tingling fresh around the kitchen that you feel like cooking all day long. A dash of green makes your house warm and lively. Wall mounted herb gardens are not only easy to grow, they are low on maintenance too. Make a start now and soon you will be full of your own wall mounted herb garden design.